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Comment Directional Antenna (Score 1) 4

You can plug your address into this website and it'll give you the azimuths to all the transmitters within range.

From Felbers most of them are at about 80 degrees;.

A directional antenna in your loft or on your roof is going to provide the best reception. I have a crappy old one in my loft that came with my house and I get near-perfect reception. But, I live in a big city with a relatively nearby transmitter cluster.

Comment Hardly Surprising (Score 5, Informative) 175

The content in Saudi Arabia's domestic mass media is under the control of the government, having to pass through censors before it makes it on air or in print. Furthermore, while the press is said to be privately owned, the editor-in-chief of each newspaper is appointed by the government.


Traditional media is already under government control. Thousands of people producing online media are less easy to control, so they're only handing out licenses to those individuals they approve of.

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