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Comment Re:If anyone can even comprehend 1 terabit (Score 1) 140

200 mbit per customer, means only 5 customers for a gbit. a small area in say stockholm could easily contain 500 customers, that's already 100Gbit.
Connect all of stockholm or a similar place, and you will need huge backbone connections already, and that is still on city level, not even national, let alone international

Comment Re:Hah! Take that, my bank! (Score 1) 497

wow, pathetic bankaccount protection in the us and aus then....
My (old 2000ish) dutch bank had an account nr. with a randomised number generated with a special digipass that used the bankcard, pin and time with a random seed.
My current finnish bank uses a accountnr, pincode and a onetime pad code to access and confirm

Comment Re:Said it here first... (Score 1) 247

And yet it is still (sadly) the best mmo out there, both in actual playability and scaling.
sadly, all the wow "killers" i played (warhammer, swtor, rift) didn't get anywhere near the polish that wow had and has.
Rift is really the only (fantasy) mmo even close and sadly their engine still sucks donkey balls.

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