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Comment Re:Strangely inspirational (Score 1) 373

Journalists talk to a lot of people. If you are using a journalist as a proxy to speak to people on your behalf, it might be important to you that they use the same terminology and understand it to have the same meaning as you do. This way, you can minimize the possibility of being misunderstood by the journalist's audience.

Comment Re:What is the privacy concern? (Score 2) 299

Because they don't just operate n the visible spectrum. Using infrared, they know people are in specific locations in a house. In England, where this practice is common, it is a regular event for houses to be raided for drug "grow rooms" just because of an unusual heat signature. Often, it's just been a poor insulation job in winter, and you DON'T get any apology.

Worse, in the UK for example, if your electricity usage unexpectedly increases, you'll have the same raid and lack of apology.

It's the combining of this archived video data with other data sources that makes this an intrusion that goes INSIDE your home and crosses the line to being an unlawful search, if you hold the view that infrared is not "in plain sight" as many do.

Comment Re:I'm Pretty Sure That's Illegal (Score 2, Informative) 266

A collection agency is an "agent" working for the creditor. If they buy the debt, they are the new creditor, and can elect to be their own debt collector, but they are not the debt collection agency. These terms are defined by law, not the companies themselves.

Further, your "pay your bills on time" doesn't stop people getting into these situations. I have had scrapes with thee companies because of a person with the same name and different SSN - they have employed these dirty tactics against people with the same name living in nearby towns - even going to far as to file false paperwork to get judgments.

Comment Re:Mars the new Australia? (Score 1) 839

Ironically, the firearm is still cheaper. It can be re-used thousands of times. The syringe must be thrown away and replaced each time, because you wouldn't want your Death Penalty Applicant(tm) getting HIV or HepC or etc.

As an academic point: a syringe is not used in these procedures. They use multiple IVs and and IV needles to create ports to administer the three drugs.

The cost of hiring an additional someone to insert these items into the potentially unwilling DPA(tm) requires guards - guards who are already trained in the use of firearms and would be there anyway.

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