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Comment Re:Snitches are bitches (Score 3, Interesting) 277

Yes I am for real.

The state is the expression of the collective will of a society. The more advanced and democratic that society, the more likely it is to reflect the collective will. That will reflects that society's priorities, hopes and fears.

As it were, it appears, judging by the size of the US military, that the US as a nation are fearful and paranoid.

That might be a difficult concept for an American to grasp, but it's an uncomfortable truth.

Don't pretend that "the government" is some distant, remote entity. Last time I looked, the government was staffed, run and overseen by citizens too.

Don't like it? Then do something about it. Then the change must come from society, and government will reflect that change. That's already been demonstrated through the civil rights era and the Vietnam War.

Just don't lie to yourself that you aren't "the government".

Comment Re:Snitches are bitches (Score 0, Troll) 277

Everyone spies. The French and the British have just been busted doing it, to a far greater extent than the US. Read about 'full take' if you don't know what I'm talking about.

The fact that Snowden is being lauded as some kind of hero, when he's just a mindless, mentally ill vandal, who's destroying people's jobs, business and livelihoods everywhere, is unbelievable.

Don't buy the basement-dweller libertarian hype.

Comment Re:big whoop (Score 0) 176

You are wrong.

Orbital rendezvous and docking is hard, but a totally different problem to landing a drone on an aircraft carrier.

The Russians built theirs decades ago (Progress dockings are automatic by default, with manual overrides). The European ATV has completely automatic rendezvous and docking. The operators in the station have an ATV console with two buttons on it only: "back off", and "abort".

The Japanese HTV has no automated docking capability. The HTV has to be grappled by the SSRMS when it comes into range. Actually on that side of the station, it's not even called "docking", they call it "berthing".

Do your homework. This took me seconds in Google.

Comment Re: All this banging on about gangs and jails.. (Score 0) 171

Nice Godwin. I see that a call for government to step in to deal with problem families and generational dysfunction will get you called a fascist around here.

On the contrary, "those people" probably got a better appreciation of the complementary notions of rights and responsibilities. People can behave like children, and sometimes need structure like children.

I'd say you're American, since you seem to think that freedom to cause chaos should be completely unconditional, that mentally/socially incapable people deserve to be stigmatized and pass on that dysfunction to their kids -- and that responsibility is for the birds. I see some REALLY warped ideas of how freedom works here.

Sheltered housing units for 'families from hell' (where people live in good housing, and get intensive "coaching" from social workers) are already being trialled here in the UK, and they're delivering good results.

Freedom shouldn't be absolutely unconditional; freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. People are increasingly conscious of the fact that it's cheaper and more humane to spend a bit of money upfront, to control the useless and chaotic amongst us for the benefit of all. The cost of picking up the pieces of ignoring the problems of intergenerational uselessness is increasingly one we cannot afford.

Comment All this banging on about gangs and jails.. (Score 3, Insightful) 171

I have to wonder why people are so anti-government, that they live with the idea that while they themselves make a net contribution to society, there are plenty of people who simply lack the ability to manage their own chaotic lives and make everyone else's lives hell.

The libertarian conceit of the middle class, is that everyone else is just as clever, motivated, drug-free and mentally healthy as them, and that the useless are somehow "morally inferior" to their betters. Worse, this conceit goes as far as blaming the useless amongst us, saying they deserve to be dead or rot in jail.

One day, we'll have something between jails (for rehabilitation of criminals) and open society, where people who are too stupid and useless to manage their own chaotic lives can live reasonably well under a highly controlled environment where they can be made to do something useful with their lives and have structure imposed upon them until they can prove that they can properly exercise the rights and responsibilites of citizenship. This may include being compelled to train and work (for pay), and also involve drug rehab, and losing their automatic right to have children.

The "trash" (as people who say) who spawn kids who join gangs belong in sheltered facilities, not on the street.

Comment No idea what to think (Score 1) 213

Unless the language of the interviewee is obfuscated, I would say that either:

A: the guy is for real, but some kind of idiot-savant. I know the type -- I've met people who are barely literate and can't even string a sentence together, but would blitz an electronic engineering degree.

or B: just a bona-fide wannabe idiot

Judging by the language alone, I can't actually tell.

Comment Anti-Obama ranters (Score 0, Troll) 95

I'm amused at the anti-Obama hate by the usual suspects here. This puerile, frankly stupid stunt is an extension of Obama Derangement Syndrome we see in the less-intelligent on the Left, the Right and from the looney-tarian lunar fringe.

I'm no leftie, nor a John Bircher, nor a libertarian. Which is probably why I have a lot of respect for the man.

You rarely get people who can show that sort of nous, effectiveness, ruthlessness and pragmatism in one individual, and I bet very few people would survive, let alone thrive with the sort of irrational, hateful opposition that man sees. Remember, we're in the midst of a once-in-a-century global economic crisis, and the West is fighting wars on two separate fronts, and Cold Wars on others.

We're not getting "HOPE", as it were. What the West is getting, is the tough, pragmatic leader it needs.

I'd wager that if he wasn't mixed-race or a Democrat, we'd be reading stories on CNN about how Obama would be considered of the greatest presidents ever.

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