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Comment Anti-Obama ranters (Score 0, Troll) 95

I'm amused at the anti-Obama hate by the usual suspects here. This puerile, frankly stupid stunt is an extension of Obama Derangement Syndrome we see in the less-intelligent on the Left, the Right and from the looney-tarian lunar fringe.

I'm no leftie, nor a John Bircher, nor a libertarian. Which is probably why I have a lot of respect for the man.

You rarely get people who can show that sort of nous, effectiveness, ruthlessness and pragmatism in one individual, and I bet very few people would survive, let alone thrive with the sort of irrational, hateful opposition that man sees. Remember, we're in the midst of a once-in-a-century global economic crisis, and the West is fighting wars on two separate fronts, and Cold Wars on others.

We're not getting "HOPE", as it were. What the West is getting, is the tough, pragmatic leader it needs.

I'd wager that if he wasn't mixed-race or a Democrat, we'd be reading stories on CNN about how Obama would be considered of the greatest presidents ever.

Comment Re:There's finally more money in the cure.... (Score 0) 117

The solution is easy. Remove the profit motive, and base all medical research and treatment on clinical need, not profit.

Isn't it interesting that "statist" national healthcare systems, pharmaceutical patent busting, publicly-funded medical research etc, has was, WAY better outcomes than the joke privatized hell that passes for a healthcare system in America?

What you get in America, is expensive gold-plated crap for the Worried Well, and dick pills and statins for rich old men too irresponsible to look after themselves. Meanwhile, half the developing world is dying of preventable disease, because Big Pharma and their warped priorities don't see any profit in it.

Comment Re:Getting desperate? (Score 3, Insightful) 447

Putin is a pragmatist. He no doubt has some very good reasons for wanting him to shut up. If they harbour him, then everyone's ire will be turned on the Russians. Russia wants to be seen as a big, serious player, not as a rogue state.

And Snowden himself doesn't seem to have the brains to not shit in his own nest.

Comment Asylum (Score 2) 447

The right to asylum has been under attack for quite a while now; this is hardly news.

I'm happy to be explained the difference between 1) seeking asylum fleeing politically-motivated charges, versus 2) fleeing criminal charges, albeit, for offences committed with a political motivation.

Comment Re:A fairly narrow view point (Score 1) 395

And the rest of London is still as expensive as hell, but full of grim run-down government housing full of the dumbest, most uncivilized motherfuckers on Earth.

ANYBODY with anything going for them leaves London at the first opportunity, and just commutes in. People who live here just accept that if they want to live like civilized humans, they have huge commutes.

Comment Re:the way I see it (Score 2) 533

Amen. Taking somebody's life judicially is very, very serious business, and I feel, appropriate for the absolute worst cases, e.g. genocide and waging war against your own country (and I don't mean this Mickey Mouse shit, where a couple of disaffected and misguided young men let off pipe bombs which kill a few passers-by, I'm speaking serious existential threats to our way of life and moral order).

OTOH, when you open a newspaper here, and read about the huge number of people being put to death for serious, albeit not devastatingly terrible crimes, one has to wonder if it's always the case that punishment genuinely fits the crime. And interestingly in states where conservative moral values hold sway, and with lots of people of the ostensibly "pro life" POV, where a woman taking RU486 is a terrible thing, but in the same breath, are sending hordes of poor urban blacks to death row at great expense, presumably 'for the lulz'. Texas is about to rack up 500 executions since 1974. To my untrained ear, that sounds like a lot.

Imposing the death penalty isn't cheap nor should it be cheap.

The burden of proof for capital cases also needs to be extremely high. Miscarriages of justice do happen, and it's very hard to apologise and pay compensation to somebody who's dead...

Comment Re:the way I see it (Score 2) 533

The death penalty is anything but cheap, if you factor in the huge fixed costs of actually having one, not to mention endless chains of appeals. Ditto, supermax.

Besides, death is exactly what these asshats want. Locking scum up, like this Chechan piece of shit, in supermax without even means to kill himself, is an appropriate punishment.

Comment Re:Makes it easy for police (Score 1) 276

For those of you playing along outside the UK, calling somebody a "Daily Mail reader", is a common slur thrown at people who disagree with the sort of people who read left-wing newspapers like the Guardian.

Blaming Whitey for any and all anti-social behaviour from people who happen to hail from an ethnic minority is also quite common amongst those of a "liberal" persuasion here. It's an insidious form of reverse racism.

The rather absurd idea that brown people can't control themselves and are being provoked by British intervention in the middle east (as opposed to criminality, warped political ideology, indoctrination by extremists, etc), is very common amongst the far Left here.

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