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Comment Re:Going to have a hard time topping modern remake (Score 1) 173

absolutely right on the money.

Elite was a huge achievement for the time, of which Braben can be justly proud.

He's spent the years since heading up a development studio who seem to have cranked out years of bargain bin pish, and is now seeking some sort of relevance again.

Nothing about his track record suggest this has a high probability of even being average...

Comment Annoying name (Score 1) 20

I always got irrationally annoyed when reading about Summer of Code, thought the name was utterly lame. But it's possibly because I watched Seinfeld's Summer of George episode around the same time, and thought that his summer sounded a lot more fun...

Comment Re:Hmmmm, yeah (Score 5, Interesting) 274

there is a definite spin to the article - not like slashdot.(!)

I like G+ as well, but just don't see how it ever reaches critical mass, and even if it does, will it supplant facebook, or will it just become as annoying as facebook.

I use 3 social media sites, and feel the all fulfill a certain niche, and not sure that will change for a while.

Facebook, for semi-interesting mix of updates from a variety of friends and acquaintances, just dip in now and again when I'm bored, certainly don't feel I'm missing out on anything if I don't check.

G+ fulfills more of my tech need, as I most of the stuff I follow in there is more tech related, and I tend to check it every day, and usually get some interesting reading out of it. (though had to unfollow NASA, they provide way too many updates if they had been landing somebody on Mars, let alone just updates about the effects of micro gravity on small screws).

Twitter is good for when I'm on the toilet and doing a dump.

Comment Re:Parasites (Score 4, Insightful) 114

I'm British, and I personally fully support the Queen's role in this country. Leaving aside the tax dollars to support them (which I would reckon is probably offset by tourist spend on people coming to see the royal sights), her role is invaluable. Even though she doesn't have direct powers, providing that stability and consistency is, for me, a necessary role when dealing with the lizard like politicians that we have.

I dread to think how silly the forming coalition bun fight from a couple of years ago would have been - the media were in hysterics about a coalition, who it should be - having someone who has seen loads of prime ministers and governments come and go at the heart of the process is very useful.

Our alternative would be an directly elected head of state. The thought of a President Blair (which he tried his best to be) swanning around is nauseating - give me a figurehead like the Queen any day of the week.

Comment Re:Sixth Sense (Score 1) 249

whatever happened to the sixth sense tech? I thought it looked great, but it was 3 years ago, I've done periodic searches for info since, and nothing actually seems to be happening in terms of getting it to market??

Comment Re:I dislike the whole premise of the show. (Score 2) 255

And while some might argue that's part of the fun of it the show pales in comparison to shows like Red Dwarf that were also very random but at least had an internal logic that remained consistent to itself at least for an episode or two.

Would that be the Red Dwarf where Lister has his appendix removed... twice? :-)

Comment Re:High-end models? (Score 1) 406

when did the Advertising Standards Authority become an authority on deciding thickness?

The S2 isn't 8.49mm thick in some places. It's 8.49mm thick all over, except one small section at the bottom.

It feels and looks thinner. I just got one (after having owned each iPhone iteration), and I think it feels slimmer, and it's the first thing most people have commented on when I've shown them it (including iPhone users).

To describe the S2 as banana shaped is simply wrong. it's flat, with a slight bump (not even 1.5mm bump!) at the end.

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