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Comment Positive moments (Score 2) 304

1. Very detailed (down to individual voting stations) voting results were made available, although they were used to do similar analysis after the past elections.
2. United Russia was barely able to get the majority in Duma, even with all the "irregularities"
3. Internet was used to organize a mass rally (30-50k people in Moscow, thousands in other places). This one is a first. And these were not radicals that are happy to rally for whatever cause, but middle class - people that didn't go to the streets since 1991.

This is the first time in a while I have some hope for the future of Russia.

Comment Bunch of crackpots (Score 1) 195

I did a quick search on this "conference" and I can tell right away this is a typical pseudoscience gathering.
The organizer, Igor Burtsev, holds a degree in a different area (history) and everything he published about yeti so far was sensationalist drivel, not scientific research.
Oh, it is on Fox News website? Must be fair and balanced then. Sorry.

Comment Arizona - not that much better (Score 1) 137

In Arizona, I can not just go out to the middle of nowhere and set up my scope. There are land owners with shotguns. I have to arrange with them where I can set up. Otherwise they shoot first and ask questions later.
And then there are scorpions and snakes. Granted, they are not as bad as landmines, but they are somewhat of a deterrent.

Comment Re:Wrong decision...and fuck the app store anyway (Score 1) 917

As long as there are other "unapproved" devices out there, there is nothing illegal in restricting iOS functionality. If you are unhappy with this, just don't buy the iDevice.
However, when everything out there is locked and open devices are unavailable, consumers will need some kind of legal protection.

Comment Re:Pro big donor (Score 5, Insightful) 528

The Republicans want absolutely no regulation of anything. Net neutrality is regulation.
While they are at it, they should un-regulate the right of Cox to dig my property (private and public). If they want free market, let me name the conditions on which they can lay their cables.
So they actually want regulation, but only when it suits corporate interests and not public interests? This exposes them as shills and hypocrites.

Comment Re:Not pro-corporate (Score 1) 528

In this particular case, interests of some corporations coincide with interests of the public, and the parent is trying to muddy the waters using this fact.
I don't actually care if Republicans are acting on behalf of Comcast. All I care is that they are acting against public interests.

At least they selflessly protect the right of Americans to organize into a well-regulated militia bearing arms. That will take care of everything, right? RIGHT?!!!

Comment 1982 explosion did not happen (Score 5, Informative) 250

Te Soviet pipeline explosion seems to be an urban legend, traced to a single source: At the Abyss: An Insider's History of the Cold War, by Thomas C. Reed.
There is no mention of this explosion anywhere else, either in Russian or Western sources. If you can read Russian, some debunking is here:

One of the facts mentioned there is that there was no SCADA on Soviet pipelines until late 80-s. All control was still pneumatic in 1982, with no software involved.

Comment Regenerative braking is a killer app (Score 1) 603

I don't even care about the range. I would really like a gas hybrid car with a much smaller battery of this type as long as it can absorb the energy released during braking. This gives an instant 20-40% fuel efficiency boost for city driving, at a modest cost increase. Ultracapacitors can be used for this, but they are expensive and have lower energy density.

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