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Submission + - Hacker crashes Google Play -- twice (

mpicpp writes: New Android apps and updates were blocked from appearing in Google's Play Store on Monday, after a hacker attacked Google's app publishing system.

Ibrahim Balic, a Turkish hacker, claimed responsibility for the attack. He said the developer console crashed when he tried to test a vulnerability he discovered.
Balic wrote an app to exploit the flaw, which he expected to fail. But he said he didn't expect it to knock everyone offline as well.

Comment Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 102

As I recall, Ms. Goodman had no real research beyond the facts that the name was similar and he happened to do some security work under contract.

She stalked this guy, and turn his life upside down or certainly brought him a lot of attention he didn't ask for. Hell Ms. Goodman and Mr. Nakamoto are now joined at the hip be it on /. or

Ms. Goodman is at the height of her incompetence, and Newsweek ain't exactly impressing me either.

Submission + - Kickstarted Veronica Mars promised digital download. Pirate bay delivers. (

ConfusedVorlon writes: Backers were promised 'You will receive a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut'.

Warner Bros are providing a non-downloadable ultra-violet coupon (although Veronica Mars is available for download through other stores).

The download is already available on the Pirate Bay. The download is even available on commercial stores. The users have already passed over their $35+
But rather than meet the demand for a DRM-free download, Warner Bros would prefer to return the original pledge to backers who complain (no doubt pissing them off even more).

What does this tell us about how movie studios view the world? There can't be a better indication of willingness to pay than 'they have already paid' — are these the pirates WB fears?

Comment Re:Hmm.... (Score 1) 279

You can't trust anyone with power. Power attracts the corrupt, and corrupts everyone else. There is no such thing as a true statesman.

IANA will have some very real power, in the years to come it will corrupt them one at a time or as a whole.

A post above mentions the UN, and where I also believe the control will go in the long run.

Alt.cracks in the early 90's someone wrote of the Internet being like the wild west, I shined it on as I'd been online long before. The more time passes the more I think of that post, the freedom the Internet allowed has been whittled away to where a good troll can now land one in jail. It's just going to get worse - or better depending upon your point of view.

Comment Cheaper to backup to Hard Drives (Score 1) 100

I paid close to $300 for an 80 Meg scsi hard drive while my friend had a 200 Meg hard drive the size of a dishwasher (what most thought it was) for his Unix.

I kept backups on 3.5 floppies (one of three) , then on 700 Meg CD's upto Blueray DVD's that hold some 24 Gigs. Only one BlueRay DVD made it though with no errors, yet no data loss.

It's cheaper, more reliable, and a damn lot easier now to make my back-ups to USB hard drives and sticking them away until needed.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 200

Good, lets not waste time and resources metroifying things that need not be, at least not until we get some clarity from microsoft on what they're going to do to fix the mess from windows 8.

They don't fix it, they come out with another Operating System. They have a track record of every other OS not being generally accepted.
Win98 > ME (flop) > XP > Vista (Flop) > Win7 > whatever you want to call Win8 (Flop)

Comment Re:Just try to do the same (Score 1) 264

Run around and point a video cam at a cop.

Or ... better don't.

First thing I thought of was the regulations being put on Google Glasses and they haven't even been publicly released yet.

It's pertinent now to wear a video device ones self. Look at Russia and the car cams they apparently require due to the traffic situations-accidents they can be involved in.

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