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Comment Re:No current PC can match the PS4 (Score 1) 611

We should be grateful to the PS4 for finally breaking the cycle of games being the same old engine, just with higher rez textures, higher rez output, and more frame rates. The PS4 will enable open world games that are vastly more realistic and pleasing, and one day not too far away the PC will start to catch up.

They broke the cycle with the PS3 and the Cell architecture. The PS4 is going backwards "the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD processor based
around the x86-64 instruction set"

"Other notable hardware features ... dedicated custom chips for processing audio, video and background tasks."

Sound familiar? It's what the Amiga did, even had names for the chips
Denise (video) Paula (audio) Copper and Agnus ran the show

I'd buy a PS4 before an XBone, but all I use my PS3 for is Netflix.


Comment Re:Which $400 gaming PC? (Score 1) 611

Which $400 gaming PC that can play games with comparable graphics to forthcoming PS4 games would you recommend?

Forgot to answer you, $400 might purchase the video card. I built mine and my sons both for less than $1100 each.
almost everything through

Searching on for "Gaming computer" shows systems from $500 to $1700

But again you can save a lot if you/he were to build it yourself.

Comment Re:Which $400 gaming PC? (Score 1) 611

My cousin currently owns an Xbox 360 and likes to play Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, and similar first-person shooters. He has rejected the Xbox One and is trying to decide between a PlayStation 4 console and a new gaming PC this December. Which $400 gaming PC that can play games with comparable graphics to forthcoming PS4 games would you recommend?

I play those games myself and looking forward to Battlefield 4 this winter. A PC is the best choice I feel and what I use.
I tried the Battlefield3 Beta on the PS3 and just didn't care for it at all.

Playing these games you can talk to others say your Squad or clan members; a helicopter pilot and gunner are a deadly pair if they
can talk to each other. The Playstation has just the one avenue I believe to chat to each other, The PC has three I can think of off hand Sonar by Dice,
Team Speak and Ventrilo. (all free) an example showing how much more versatile the PC is.

The PS4 will require a PS+ Subscription of around $5 (US) a month to play online, "roughly the same as an Xbox Live Gold subscription."

The PC, no subscription required, just an Internet connection.

Comment Re:Beware Internet Echo Chambers (Score 2) 611

Wow, you're just eyeballs deep in the shit you spew.

it's watching you like some creepy stalker, while you undress, while you watch TV.. recording everything you do..

Cite specific, verifiable sources for this or STFU. If you honestly believe that bullshit, right before you put on your tinfoil hat, slap a few inches of electrical tape over the cameras. Problem solved.

Quoting a portions of the Chicago Tribune:

"Mr. President: Save us from Xbox One
May 24, 2013|John Kass

That's why Xbox One must die.

All the glitzy stuff aside, the danger of Xbox One is that in the hands of an evil genius — or an IRS agent — it could be a spy system.


It has a camera and a microphone.

The camera will look at you when you enter a room, recognize your face and greet you. The microphone will pick up your voice,
if you dare speak your thoughts out loud in your own home and transmit it into voice recognition software.

Oh, and you can't turn the microphone off.

The high-powered processor is triggered by keywords. It will learn your video preferences and offer you movies and
other entertainment choices based on those preferences.

To recap: It watches you, it greets you, it knows you. It listens to you, it never stops listening. It anticipates your needs."

---The article does end with the sad truth---

""It's not important to us," a high school junior told me the other day when I lectured at Lake Park High School in Roselle.
"We don't care about the cameras.""

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 1) 611

(With the xbone, if your live account is banned you lose access to all of your games, even singleplayer)

Please stop making up shit, that's why I hate this circlejerk of hate and its disregard for facts.

I've mod points today but they wouldn't help you, instead a reply

He mentions a person banned will keep their games but if they are banned how would this be of any benefit?
Google Define:Banned > Officially exclude (someone) from a place.

Or maybe Sony's reputation management has been very successful planting lies on Reddit.

Mr Nelson is asked why someone playing a physical disk can't be off line for more than 24 hours,
wouldn't a please insert disk be a better approach?

He's bumbling around for an answer he never gives for well over a minute (and where I stopped watching)
Reddit or Sony did do much, the video pretty well takes care of that itself.

Do read the text below the video:
"Hey guys. Chloe here (the interviewer). I didn't follow up on his responses because my opinions didn't represent the opinions
of the community (Reddit) I was representing."

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 2) 611

How is the webcam different from the ones on every iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and PCs/laptops?

And you the famous anti-MS hater zealot considered buying Xbox? C'mon, stop making up things.

I did a search for your handle to answer one of your replies and damn man ur all over this thread.
Two things come to mind here; a very large percentage of post are to benefit a product or company (not real) and damage control.

To answer your reply, every iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and PCs/laptops normally aren't set-up prominently in the living room to watch everybody.

Noticed a reply below that says: " If the XBone webcam is obstructed the games will not play." that's totally unacceptable.
Read this: "Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams"

Comment looking for a real explanation. (Score 1) 2

CNN was a piss poor article to link to, found this looking for a real explanation.

Riots against the increases in bus fares takes the streets of Brazil's largest city
reply posted on 13-6-2013 @ 11:31 PM by Canslli
I was waiting for this to happen! Really! I think that i've just witnessed history being written in Brazil.

  There were about 10.000 people protesting not only against the increases in bus fares, but also because everyone here is just fed up with the government. Too much corruption, too much violence and poverty on the 6th biggest economy in the world.

  But the problem, again, was the government and it's police. They cowardly shot tear gas and rubber bullets on people who were peacefully protesting or just passing by (many reporters say that the police shot first, creating chaos).

  What really angers me is that all the great media networks of the country are backing up the government and the police, calling the protesters thugs and vandals . Only some journalists of these networks that where really there are speaking the truth. -pix and videos

Attribution. You must attribute authorship of the work to "Canslli; a member of", and include the title of the message thread, Riots against the increases in bus fares takes the streets of Brazil's largest city; and this full link URL to the post: (Unless otherwise noted, photography and other artwork linked within member posts are subject to the usage rights of the individual owners of the linked artwork.)

Submission + - What's REALLY behind the Brazilian riots? ( 2

michelcultivo writes: as it is going international and huge, in Brazil we have an increase in the public transport ticket that brings the population to the street trying to reverse that. The movement is being organized through Facebook and getting more people involved. The protest is growing for a other causes, the brazilian cause.

Comment Re:I'm gonna become rich! (Score 1) 311

After I picked myself up off of the floor, I thought "Damn, I guess I needed more paper towels".

LOL, ya young and lacking knowledge.

Fixing T.V.'s (tubes no transistors) I always had a flyback transformer around and once a big pot of lead slugs
from the back end of a shooting range.

Arcing from the pot to the flyback terminal was cool to watch, but at some point and for reasons I'm still not sure of grabbed
the side of the pot, sent me through the wall - I like to say, but just the 2x4 frame that would later become a wall.

Never did manage a Tesla coil and still thinking of a Jacob's ladder to show off to the kids, one day...

Comment Some are requesting their phone records as well (Score 1) 327

Here's a person allegedly conspiring with four other men to hijack armored trucks full of cash
who wants his phone records from NSA and his lawyer has a good case for it's request.

"The case, which is taking place in federal court, involves phone records – the FBI and prosecutors have been using cellphone records to
demonstrate the men’s locations near the robbery attempts. The prosecution said that it was unable to
get cellphone records from the time before September 2010 because the phone carrier had destroyed the records."

"But Brown has new hope: his lawyer, Marshall Dore Louis, filed documents requesting NSA documents showing phone location records for Brown’s cellphones on the night of one of the robberies. “The president of the United States has recognized this program has been ongoing since 2006,” wrote Louis, “to gather the phone numbers [and related information] of everybody including my client in 2010.”"

Comment Can't connect to (Score 0, Offtopic) 112

I have a provider that still supplies Usenet/newsgroups as part of the service for no
extra cost (Charter.Net), yet I can't connect to I've searched
my HOSTS file, see that it's online
I just can't connect, not a problem.

Hope it's a misspelling, or temporary.

Submission + - Anonymous unleashed a "nuclear" strike on Greek Parliament

protoporos writes: Two days ahead of their promise, Anonymous have completed successfully a strike on the whole web infrastructure of the Greek Parliament, catching the Greek officials unprepared. According to an analysis (in Greek) of a Greek security news website, this is the biggest hit ever, managing to gain access to domain controllers and the credentials of all the congressmen and parliament officials! The emails of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (asamaras) and second in command E. Venizelos (venizelos) seem also to have been compromised. They have even posted pictures of gmail accounts. The attack comes as a response to the recent, totalitarian close-down of the public TV network (ERT) as detailed here. A clear mention of individual targeting as a next step is clearly mentioned.

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