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Comment Re:/etc/hosts jokes aside (Score 0) 216 is invalid, so should cause an immediate fail without attempting to connect. If you run a webserver on your computer, a loopback address may actually hit the webserver and require a response. is linux format, is another format and the one I use; the top of the HOSTS file determines which is used LocalHost
or localHost

There's some who claim " on some machines this may run minutely faster"

So would go to LocalHost or you -satisfying the request be it you or a link from a web page.

The HOSTS file is a routing file. you can also use for shortcuts like findnow - typing findnow in the address bar would take you to Google.

A HOSTS file is simple tracking, malware protection that even speeds up page loadings by removing the non article stuff.

Comment Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

Are you sure you did it right in your hosts file? You should go ask APK just to make sure, nobody knows hosts files better than he does.

Yes, thanks for that. I do run APK once in a while to update my HOSTS file (sits at 4.377 MB now)
but this was at the Router level, blocked sites (I have a HotSpot available to whoever).

After the reply I went and added it to the HOSTS file itself and it's blocked. I just reinstalled Windows 7 this last week so still tweaking it.

Comment Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

The post is pretty bad without a link to the actual updates. ./ has fallen a bit.

Poor Sarah Rose and the rest that posted they will not allow that, they are posting under that ToS so of course they do.

I want nothing to do with facebook, I don't trust Mark Zuckerberg and want no part of him.

I made mention on /. that I disabled my account 4 years ago but it wasn't, I went through the motions but it claimed I could revive my account by logging in again. Someone replied to me how to really delete your facebook account. I logged in with my old info and there it was -my account I closed out ages ago; hopefully it's gone now.

I have blocked Facebook at the router level but still able to read that ToS, many lines in my HOSTS file deal with facebook yet I still get through. Recently I've hit facebook pages which shortly claim I need to log in to read, ain't going to happen; nut I figure it's too late my info has been posted, Not sure what I posted, I'd never give a real name, address or any real info, but I did post a picture.

Comment Re:I've been playing MWO since closed beta... (Score 1) 189

And I wonder what the heck the submitter / article author is smoking?

I read the link from the summery (how to write an article!) and links from that. One thing I noticed is everybody on the user side is back tracking, this thread while locked after three pages is full of edits.

Comment Re:Here's hoping... (Score 1) 115

That's just stupid if this isn't entrapment he needs another lawyer. Like saying your horny, when someone shows you a dark alley and a girl then arrest you for rape. Given he was a time bomb, and just looking for a chance; but to fabricate one is a make believe crime.
Bottom line of link:

And, on top of that, the court has now sanctified this whole practice of abusing surveillance to spy on people, and then laundering the evidence so no one can challenge it. This is terrible, and hopefully an appeal on this particular issue is forthcoming."

Comment More misinformation, believe it if you want or not (Score 1) 743

It implies Snowden didn't have the access to access records without using someone else's account.
Which answers (very nicely) how he was allowed to access these records in the first place,

It answers things I'm not even aware of, but I do question the fact they can't find log file(s) showing who downloaded what.

It's part of the paper trail involving secret and classified material, I take it out of a safe I have to sign that I did so they know who has it. They download it and no record,..

Comment Opera user snikers, best short cut claim (Score 1) 506

Opera browser has a small arrow pointing down to the far right of the address bar, if you click on that all of the sites you've been to that session will show,
you can then select one you've closed earlier. Close Opera and they are all gone, a temp history of your current browsing and yes it's very helpful.
- Ctrl [plus] Shift [plus] T works as well. (Yep, Windows and Mint).

I would say the pause/break key is the best as well as a virtually unknown shortcut. it allows you to stop a post from scrolling during boot up.

You know how it is, your looking for info on your system and the bios post flashes by way to fast to read.
You press the Pause/break key and the post will stop, Enter key to continue. I've found many BIOS numbers this way; timing is everything.
(Intel chips at least).

Comment And next to a Ocean, my how times change (Score 1) 111

"Tepco has built nearly 1,000 tanks at the sprawling complex to store as many as 335,000 tons of contaminated water, the product of coolant pumped into the reactors to keep their cores from overheating,"

Old Plutonium reactors in this area used to pump cooling water through the reactors then into huge holding tanks too cool heat wise before being released back into the Columbia river. There were two holding tanks and switched when one was full. Fuel elements at that time were maybe 1.5 inches wide, 6 inches long;
and they popped like popcorn I've heard it say -they were still learning how to do it.

An Eastern Washington newspaper sampled a lot of areas for radiation, where the Columbia river turns after the reactors there a build up and fairly high levels.
I have lived on and off about 50 miles downstream of the Hanford Site all my life as has hundreds of thousands others. Kids are being born with no hair, or teeth but otherwise normal.

Comment Hell, I could point to an area of expertise (Score 1) 111

My area

The Hanford Tank Farms house 53 million gallons of high-level radioactive and chemical waste that is the byproduct of “reprocessing” spent nuclear fuel.* .

massive underground storage tanks ranging in capacity from 55,000 gallons to more than 1,000,000 gallons to hold the wastes. Scientists believed that the tanks would only be used temporarily until a permanent place to dispose of the waste was identified.

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository isn't panning, out storage waste levels leakage control are well known.

Comment GROUPON takes a hugh hit as well (Score 1) 432

Surfed from the story to “Streisand Effect” at ending somehow at this story which is very much on topic
in fact mentioned three times to this articles single at the bottom

"UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL FROM GROUPON - Threatening me with Bad yelps for not letting him bully me into a sales pitch!!!!! Talk about Abusive business practices (my response is below)" (archive of facebook posting of orginial posting by Sauce)

If you'd like to watch Andrew Johnston show a lack of understanding how threating someone in print is a bad thing, demonstrate how sales is not handled, lose this job and put Sauce on the map do give it a read.

Comment Re:Water cooling not useful without better cases (Score 1) 79

Water cooling would be a lot more useful if there were some genuinely nice, well-designed cases out there to put these water-cooling systems into. Even the high-end cases aren't very good; they're much too large, they're plasticky and cheap, they don't have toolless drive bays, they have way too many drive bays, etc.

Ah your not looking hard enough I've had water cooling for over two years now in a very nice
cooler master haf 922 steal case, I can't find the heat transfer rate just the CPU temps which have never
gotten above 75 C with OTTC (i7-920 overclocked to 4.5Ghz).

I started with a H50 that looks a lot like this
a radiator with tubes running to and from a copper block that sits on the CPU, water or some liquid being propelled by a small pump.
A lot less weight than other coolers.

I just got a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme
which has twice the radiator surface area. This is water cooling in every respect, but only for the CPU, the new radiator took
some work to fit in my case but I managed, it sits sideways. My case is made for water cooling, all the fittings and tubing for CPU,
video cards and memory.

Running OTTC system stress tester the small radiator and fans blew a lot of heat away from the CPU and kept it at a very decent temperatures.

A very nice case is the Cooler master HAF 932, I bought it for my son, it's a bit larger than mine, the new radiator would of fit nicely in it
and it comes with rollers :} though we never installed them
Steel case with plastic front bezel, the top is made to pour liquid into a reservoir covered by rubber if not used for that, He runs a H50 himself.

These water coolers work very well in limited space, I just like a large case cause I do use a lot of dives/CD/DVD's and plan on another video card soon, plus open space in a case really helps air flow.

Submission + - Fuel cell breakthrough

mcgrew writes: Surfing through Google news I ran across something I found interesting: a new type of fuel cell that is 90% less costly than current cells, one tenth the size (the size of a dishwasher) and far higher efficiency than current cells, and at only 149 degrees Celsius (300F) . It was jointly developed by Diverse Energy and the University of Maryland.

It produces enough power to run a large supermarket, or five homes. A smaller, home-sized unit is on the way. Is the municipal power plant on the way out?

Comment Re:Fuck Yahoo! (Score 1) 403

In the meantime, there is a mirror located here.

I do share your feelings.
I'm glad there's a mirror, but it's not the same - be it how long the mirror'er will host it and the links name.

I read it yesterday (the original) when it was linked on another website. I read of his two loves, his first had a Yellow Merlin (car)
that she crossed the l to read Martin. The second had a car that was parked with the emergency brake set
when it rolled into the water; young en's had been seen in the vicinity before the mishap.

All in all what I read was up beat.

Comment Re:Nuclear Waste Policy Act (Score 1) 258

Off topic, pedantic comment:

The US was to of had...

should be: "The US was to have had..."

...would liked to of had...

should be: "...would liked to have had...

Much too old to care or change, if it related it's meaning it got it's point across.
Not much time to write have to check on the Ghoti, had a problem with the water lately.

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