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Comment Re:320 gigaflops/second (Score 1) 39

It seems there might be a typo in the article. 320 gigaflops/second is not that much, and can be gotten on a GPU for maybe $100 now. According to this page (, 320 gigaflops/second is the peak performance of each 2-cpu, 16-core sandy bridge node in the cluster, while the entire cluster has a peak performance of 110 teraflops/second.

Ah now claims it's the equivalent of 30,000 desktop computers :}

Comment BF3 was a real hard act to follow (Score 2) 312

but you think they'd try. The keybinds don't work, "Well play with the WASD set-up" you say,
but some of us play with a left handed mouse.

The graphics are great in some cases (you won't hear many people say that) but causes problems.
You get out of the water and a sheet of water flows off of you (part of the realism) and it stops you in your tracks,
All low settings GTX-570. You never know when lag will hit (other than the water) but it sure gets one killed.

B is a key to open a Map, it opens the console, and you have to press ~ to close it. It's like BF3 all over again,
you couldn't reassign the Q key for one. BF3 the chat was in your face, the middle of the screen was where people
typed back and forth, some helpful most calling others names (normal chats), The BF4 map is now in your face;
it takes up the entire screen which you can change the opacity but you can't view the map no matter how transparent
and the action of the game at the same time. (I do that with BF3 the mini map is alway open taking up the bottom left
corner of my monitor, I only play hardcore so the map is the only way you can see people.

BF3 moved the chat to the side, and allowed one to reassign the Q key, the very things that upset people is how BF4 works now.

I'd change the keybinds and it would hang on me, I'd let it be and sometimes I could continue,
other times I had to turn off the power supply, the secret is not to change the jet keys.
The game profile (a text file) is around 100K, mine was 35,000K and had 678961 lines that had the word jet in them.

Copy an pasting BF3's helicopter and jet config lines to the BF4 profile is how I configured my game.

You don't know when you die oddly enough, going along just fine only to find you were killed, it's not
obvious by any means, I don't know if one gets used to that or not, many times I thought I was still in the game.

I could go on, multiplayer is a real mess right now. as mentioned it looks like everything they did wrong with BF3 and patched out,
is how BF4 was released.

Comment Re:You'll play it and you'll like it (Score 1) 312

Bought BC2 on Steam and was really looking forward to BF3 after all the videos during E3. Then EA made some shit up about Steam/Valve not cooperating with them and the beautiful Origin emerged. What a pile of shit. That invasive, irritating, and completely unnecessary bloated trash was the last straw for me.

I play BF3 and really enjoyed it. Origin isn't a problem; I open my browser, log into a server, Origin loads,
and after the BF3 icon shows it's loading I shut Origin down. BF3 didn't need Origin to play just load.
With BF4 Origin won't let you close it, and I don't care for that at all.

Comment Re:45 years ago... (Score 1) 283

So basically your little story is to detail how biased, shallow and judgmental you are. Oh, stupid too.

Whew, not a problem. Thought this might be another grammar lesson; something to the effect that one sentence
needed to end in a preposition as the fourth word proceeding it had an e before i.

To add to this thread I see front page is supporting this project as well.

Comment Quantum Indeterminacy of Emergent Spacetime (Score 1) 530

Guess it's all a matter of the equipment used and various other parameters; better known as wait for a second opinion.

The emergent gravity (Induced gravity captured my attention, and I came across this reference
The bottom line being:
"The effect can be viewed as sampling noise due to the limited degrees of freedom of such a theory, consistent with covariant bounds on entropy."

Comment Re:I think... (Score 1) 530

ie: Second law of thermodynamics

Yep it's official I'm getting old. When I was growing up there were just two laws of thermodynamics:
1) you can't get something for nothing
2) Nor can you break even

Then they slipped in the 0 (Zero) law now called Zeroth apparently because they couldn't
go lower than 0 without looking foolish and added a third law; for a total of 4.

Comment Re:45 years ago... (Score 1) 283

I guess I'm a younger trek fan myself (started with TNG,) as I was never into the original series. I kind of forced myself to watch it while I was sick once (every episode) and didn't really think it was anything special.

I was in high school when Star Trek first aired and watched it every week.

I was just the opposite watching the first Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). I was very disappointed that they
didn't keep to the original series, and refused to watch any other TNG.

At the time people stopped by every Friday for cards, many would come early to watch TNG
again I'd ignore it, "wow, the Enterprise was destroyed!", I just thought big deal and back
to my computer (game).

Much later a friend of mine never missed an episode of TNG; about season 5 or 6 we were
at his place when it came on, I was stuck. Don't remember the eposide but it was pretty good,
so much so I started watching it. Afterwards no matter what TNG episode came on it was new to me,
and an enjoyable hour; reruns everyday was just great.

"wow, the Enterprise was destroyed" is now one of my favs. "Cause and Effect" where the
another ship was caught in a time loop, which results in it's coming out of nowhere destroying the
Enterprise -where the number three was important.

The original Star Trek I've even watched without sound as it had been viewed so much, which resulted
in the game of who can recognize the episode first; now seems very dated.

But I still don't watch any of other spin offs, just so far you can take it and TNG was that point for me.

Comment Re:MineCraft is a great vehicle to promote this (Score 1) 71

Probably the video got so many dislikes because it's useless. There's no explanation whatsoever, and before you're tuned in your attention to the video, it's over.

Wasn't meant to of been viewed by the public it was part of a post, but I didn't care who saw it.

There was a description that I kept upto date but then I had to follow the website it was posted on.

So many people hit the website only to find you had to join to view it, that that one post was viewable without joining,
so I went with that format. Once again one must join to view the post so I haven't bothered updating it.

Also it was a glitch in either the beta MineCraft or MineCraft and some MOD, you could only do it with that version.

People felt taken, as it didn't explain anything -never took the time to read the description. The dislike bar was called
a light saber for the longest time till it even lost that resemblance.

Just amazed me so many people viewed that video while this one
saw less than 9K views and it had all the key words to be a hit: Black ops COD7 Glitch Crisis map - PC just the word glitch should of surpassed
400K and you can tell I actually put some time into that one - it really was the first real glitch found with CoD7 - (I call first Glitch on Black Ops)

Yes MineCraft has a following, and the google analytics told a lot about the people (people actually log into youtube to view videos).
There are three age spikes, Teens, late 30's, and 50 years + old almost all male. In real life those spikes mean so much if you think about them in relation to games.

Comment Too bad about that keyboard hanging off of it. (Score 1) 112

I have a tablet I've mentioned many times, the Motorola Xoom it's also has a 10.1-inch display
as does the Nokia Lumia 2520. I feel that's the perfect size any larger and it wouldn't be a tablet,
any smaller is akin to using ones cell phone.

10.1-inch display puts me to sleep with netflix, youtube or a movie while it's in it's cradle.
The Kindle Fire 7 inch display is just too small for me.

Yep Nokia did the right thing at 10.1, WXGA (1280 x 800) for the Motorola Xoom, but the keyboard thingjust messes it up.
I use Hackers keyboard (software)
or a bluetooth keyboard for mine They don't connect to each other but I carry them both around protected by an old laptop case, a real sharp combo.
My Keyboard is as small as one can be while still having full sized keys, it's seriously sweet (Dell MN-Y-RAQ-DEL2 - Goodwill $5.00).

The Motorola Xoom hooks up to my HDTV (at 1920 x 1080 ) as I imagine does the Nokia Lumia 2520; a remote keyboard is very handy
using office / text editor at a distance and for so many other reasons.

Comment Just perfect; Annual Credit report (Score 1) 390

For years I've use and have sent many (lots of) people to
for an anual credit report. In the US your allowed 1 free credit report a year. Three companies are sent
request, so one is able to get 3 reports a year or one more extensive one.

Experian is one of the three companies your request (and information) is sent to. I would imagine
any info I've sent them is now public domain.

Of course I've read the ToS of annualcreditreport
it was all good, and still reads that way, till the very end: Last Updated November 15, 2006
I would think there would of been some changes by now.

Not sure if due to "Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service", but there's a banner now that says:
Note: The website will be temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance from
approximately 8:30pm ET on October 22, 2013 to 8:00am ET on October 23, 2013.

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