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Comment Kinda, but don't think your "hidden" (Score 2) 164

Every account I have in under a different handle, each piece of mobile equipment is under a different
persona I don't do social sites only because I don't care for them.

I've nothing to hide, it's just what I do. I was security conscious long before Gore gave the public access to the Internet.

Forte Agent mail reader lets you have multiple personalities, POP3ing Email from your other accounts.
-I don't care for online e-mail.

Google will catch up with you if you have multiple Gmail accounts; asking if you would like to combine
them and use your real full name Mr. Micky Mouse . I see this as an IP match and where the weak link is.

It's what I do, but not a fanatic about it, I know there are key phrases, and statements I'm prone to use
no matter the account.

Just use a HOSTS file it blocks most of your tracking and spam online, it's your E-mail address that screws you (spam wise),
I use for disposable Email addresses, many filter that address and don't allow it.
-A HOSTS file block tracking ie if you don't touch their site they don't know about you or your surfing habits.

Root (jailbreak) your mobile equipment so you can use a HOSTS file cause your phone/tablet has conversations with the trackers.
Google Play Store put a halt to programs that stopped that conversation, so you have to find your blockers elsewhere.

And always read ToS's and Privacy Policies, while they may not be telling you the truth they do list sites you need to block
if you use their service (tracking). Also one's with a hardcore we collect everything policy I've no use for (Angy Birds (

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 607

The NSA can crack 4096-bit PGP keys? I doubt it. Seems like FUD to dissuade people from even attempting to use encryption

Doesn't say they cracked a PGP Key, they "acquired" them.


by getting their voluntary collaboration, forcing their cooperation with court orders or surreptitiously stealing their encryption keys or
altering their software or hardware.

To get a key, you give it to them, they take you to court, they install malware. or mechanical key logger.

A PGP message has been cracked by using Distributed computing (think Folding@home) and lots of time.

But just that one message you would have to do the same thing all over again to another message even if from the same person.

Security is a strong PGP key kept safe and away from your PC, using a spare computer running DOS PGP version 2.6.Xg.
PGP commercial versions of course are useless.

Never under estimate the power of the press and what "they" want you to know and/or believe. links to:–American_War
a link /. breaks - even preview at tinyurl breaks it. (damn weird link)

Comment Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising (Score 2) 277 give you the ablity to opt out of data collection but there's a catch,
you have to keep your cookies.

This site has changed since I last visited (years?), it used to have a large list of companies you could select to opt out from.
Now it just reads your cookies, 33 companies are listed that "honor" your opt-outs.

I use a rather large HOSTS file and delete my cookies when my browser closes, so this site does me little good.
my results: "These 0 member companies have enabled Online Behavioral Ads for this web browser."

Posted in case someone else can make use of it.

Comment Re:A patheic thought (Score 1) 213

Why do you think clearances are so sought after?

2) relatively few youngsters

Then again ...

I had a security clearance in the military. All it meant was basically that I hadn't been caught doing anything illegal, and that I wasn't old enough to have had to file bankruptcy because of family medical emergencies and mortgages. Nor was I old enough to have pissed off any neighbors enough for them to bad mouth me :)

Being young can be an advantage for security clearances ...

I agree, being young has many advantages as opposed to being out of school and on your on for any length of time.

Many years ago my job required a Q clearance (civilian equivalent of top secret with access to
nuclear material) as did everyone that worked there. While the plant had it's older operators it was a young group, many just out of high school
and their first job, managers still in their 20's.

I on the other hand had been around the block and had a history, it took me longer than most to get my clearance.

BTW: through the freedom of information act you can get what the FBI has on you, it's interesting to read what others had to say about you.

Comment Exclusive ownership (Score 2) 31

The book "The Hubble Wars" mentions all material one gets from using the Hubble can be held for a year before being released.
(So they can find the next big thing and not some computer geek using Photoshop, abbreviated term: /.'er)

This event is two/three years old, Guess different craft, different contracts for release.

Comment Re:USA has no backbone... (Score 1) 74

So which bogeyman is it that is shutting these down? Radiation scare, capitalism and greed, 'green marketing', or Cold War fallout?

Well for one it's become a 159,200 year commitment. No place to dispose of nuclear waste; the spent fuel has to be kept on location.

A developing story for the Fukushima nuclear plants are the weakening supports for the storage basins which holds their spent fuel.

Comment Comes down to the programing. (Score 2) 164

To perform the analysis, the team had to sift through millions of letters of genetic code using a computer program developed
to calculate the probability of convergent changes occurring by chance, so they could reliably identify ‘odd-man-out’ genes.

I was following a different train of thought; trying to support it came across this:

"In the traditional approach, the dynamic programming based pair-wise alignment is used for measuring the similarity between two sequences.
This method does not work well in a large data set."

Paywall, the above is all there is. Text mining techniques were used in the research.
Hoang Kiem and Do Phuc (snicker, he said...).

Comment Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

It would be useful if you would detail the steps you took to "really delete" your Facebook account. Others might benefit. ;)

Damn was hoping to avoid that (having to look it up) :}

But your right, it could help others so I did find it.

The reply is here
Facebook's Android App Can Now Retrieve Data About What Apps You Use

The link given

And a belated thank you to SternisheFan, it seems to of worked.

Comment Re:/etc/hosts jokes aside (Score 0) 216 is invalid, so should cause an immediate fail without attempting to connect. If you run a webserver on your computer, a loopback address may actually hit the webserver and require a response. is linux format, is another format and the one I use; the top of the HOSTS file determines which is used LocalHost
or localHost

There's some who claim " on some machines this may run minutely faster"

So would go to LocalHost or you -satisfying the request be it you or a link from a web page.

The HOSTS file is a routing file. you can also use for shortcuts like findnow - typing findnow in the address bar would take you to Google.

A HOSTS file is simple tracking, malware protection that even speeds up page loadings by removing the non article stuff.

Comment Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

Are you sure you did it right in your hosts file? You should go ask APK just to make sure, nobody knows hosts files better than he does.

Yes, thanks for that. I do run APK once in a while to update my HOSTS file (sits at 4.377 MB now)
but this was at the Router level, blocked sites (I have a HotSpot available to whoever).

After the reply I went and added it to the HOSTS file itself and it's blocked. I just reinstalled Windows 7 this last week so still tweaking it.

Comment Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

The post is pretty bad without a link to the actual updates. ./ has fallen a bit.

Poor Sarah Rose and the rest that posted they will not allow that, they are posting under that ToS so of course they do.

I want nothing to do with facebook, I don't trust Mark Zuckerberg and want no part of him.

I made mention on /. that I disabled my account 4 years ago but it wasn't, I went through the motions but it claimed I could revive my account by logging in again. Someone replied to me how to really delete your facebook account. I logged in with my old info and there it was -my account I closed out ages ago; hopefully it's gone now.

I have blocked Facebook at the router level but still able to read that ToS, many lines in my HOSTS file deal with facebook yet I still get through. Recently I've hit facebook pages which shortly claim I need to log in to read, ain't going to happen; nut I figure it's too late my info has been posted, Not sure what I posted, I'd never give a real name, address or any real info, but I did post a picture.

Comment Re:I've been playing MWO since closed beta... (Score 1) 189

And I wonder what the heck the submitter / article author is smoking?

I read the link from the summery (how to write an article!) and links from that. One thing I noticed is everybody on the user side is back tracking, this thread while locked after three pages is full of edits.

Comment Re:Here's hoping... (Score 1) 115

That's just stupid if this isn't entrapment he needs another lawyer. Like saying your horny, when someone shows you a dark alley and a girl then arrest you for rape. Given he was a time bomb, and just looking for a chance; but to fabricate one is a make believe crime.
Bottom line of link:

And, on top of that, the court has now sanctified this whole practice of abusing surveillance to spy on people, and then laundering the evidence so no one can challenge it. This is terrible, and hopefully an appeal on this particular issue is forthcoming."

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