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Comment Re:Normal-looking offspring were obtained from all (Score 1) 111

"Normal-looking offspring were obtained from all four strains tested."
Link from article

One scary a$$ line, indicates a 100% success rate.

You should re-read the abstract to see what it is really saying.

The end result is that they were able to get normal-looking offspring from all four strains tested. However, there was an excessive number of failures in the process in order to get that process. The important line over-looked indicating what it took to get those end results: "cloned offspring were born at a 2.8% birth rate". If you check table 1 of the full article it shows there were a total of 651 embryos cultured in order to get their end results.

This is very far from a 100% success rate.

We have a different view of what constitutes 100%. Yes they started with randomly selected leukocyte nuclei but through the sorting and discarding
those known to give poor results, they ended with four strains which normal-looking offspring were obtained from all four strains tested.

I didn't count the ones discarded, as it's part of the cleansing process.

Comment Re:Touché (Score 1) 4

  a country like Ecuador that censors its own media in not so subtle ways. Any country without free press can't call itself a democracy. ....
It's entirely possible that the Isaias brothers are innocent, convicted on fake charges, but that doesn't mean I believe it either way. ...
Understand why I'm saying we must be skeptical ?

Yes I do, and it's my bad (but great example of a media controlled person) bit of forethought could of led me to your point. This
was one of the few times I've posted without researching the subject. I was going to Google the Isaias brothers and find out a bit
about them but didn't, what you conclude could very well be the truth.

Isaias brothers story:

"The brothers argue the audit report is faulty and instead point to an Ecuadorean government auditor's report saying the bank was handed over in good condition in 1998. The government audit places the blame squarely on Ecuador, saying it mismanaged Filanbanco by merging it with a failing bank and using its funds to support other financial institutions."

Yes It's hard to say.

Comment Re:Has been the law in France since 1978 (Score 1) 82

Reading /. I've come to appreciate the way personal privacy is treated in the EU.

State Laws Related to Internet Privacy (United States)

Not really any rights at all, well Nebraska you can nail a flamer :)
Only 17 states require their Government Web Sites to tell the truth in a ToS or privacy Policy.

US is in a sorry state where Internet Privacy is concerned and I didn't know how bad till this article and post.

Hell I read where Australia was sending personal information to be processed in the U.S because our (U.S.'s)
Internet Privacy laws or lack of.

Comment Normal-looking offspring were obtained from all... (Score 3, Informative) 111

"Normal-looking offspring were obtained from all four strains tested."
Link from article

One scary a$$ line, indicates a 100% success rate.

The ramifications of what's implied are numerous and cover every aspect of our future.

Submission + - US denies Ecuador extradition request ( 4

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Joe Biden, the American vice president, has telephoned the president of Ecuador to ask him not to grant asylum to Edward Snowden. Rafael Correa, speaking on Saturday during his weekly televised address, said that the "cordial" conversation took place on Friday. "He asked that we please reject the asylum application that Snowden has made," said Mr Correa, according to Ecuadorean newspaper El Telegrafo. "But for us to be able to assess the application, Mr Snowden has to be inside Ecuadorean territory. When he is there, we can consider the application."

Mr Correa, whose Left-wing government is frequently at odds with the United States, said he told Mr Biden that Ecuador had requested the extradition of two of its citizens – a request with the US ignored. Roberto and William Isaias, who ran the collapsed bank Filanbanco, are wanted in Ecuador – having fled to Miami in 2003. They deny all allegations of corruption.

"He said to me that Mr Snowden is a fugitive of American justice and doesn't have a passport. So I replied, well, the Isaias brothers are fugitives of Ecuadorean justice, and they don't have passports, but you won't extradite them to us. The only difference is that the Isaias brothers have already been sentenced."

Comment I had a chance of purchasing a Cray. (Score 2) 55

This area produced Plutonium for nuclear weapons; supplying the fuel for the Trinity and Fat Man atomic bombs.
Plutonium production continued up to the late 1980's (or until Chernobyl); for peaceful purposes of course.

The Hanford project as it was called; long as I can remember they had a small museum explaining the project.
When they moved it from the recreational area (original location) to the the Federal Building a few Cray computers were added and used
as seating areas. A small sign near them saying they were Crays but just circular seating if anybody needed to rest.

I had a friend who programed the Cray's, sometimes he would call just to chat; but it could be a problem. He would always be near the cooling system
so his phone had a receiver cut off button. He'd say something then hit the button so the cooling system wasn't heard in the back ground making
a conversation possible. I don't know if he called on his rounds or he was located next to the coolers, but they were loud.

At one of the Government auctions I had a chance to bid on and even of purchased a Cray, but it would be spendy as junk goes.
An old Univac system was once auctioned (I thought about bidding on it - it would of taken up the entire house and a good part of the yard :} )
never met it's lowest bid due to the precious metals involved.

A Cray computer in my house, I imagine I'd of used it as a dysfunctional couch as well, but a hell of a conversation piece.

I had a storage shed that was the wooden box shipped box for some multi million computer, lots of great stuff could be scavenged in this area while D.O.E.
was spending money.

*Many key words were used here, Hello again NSA.*

Comment Re:why replace once you have the screwdriver? (Score 1) 260

Right, because switching to pentalobe stopped how many people from taking apart an iPhone?

Let me answer for you:

0, zero, zilch, nada, not a fucking single person who WANTED to disassemble their iPhone was stopped by this change.

Of course you have the stats to back up a statement like that....

It won't stop you, I or others that like to take stuff apart, but it will stop a lot of other people. It is a security screw and not
being used for the even torque the fastener sees; but to keep people from fiddling with it. I've fixed a lot of stuff and I still don't have
a pentalobe driver and would have to purchase one to take off the screws.

Google "security screw" with quotes then go to images - do notice what you get. They are a more expensive fastener use to keep people
from fiddling with them - but some will cause that's what we do. They also come in larger sizes for automobiles "security bolts"
I do have a socket set for those.

Phillips is designed for low quality, high volume assembly line work.

Sigh, we was screwed (intended)... When I first started using the square bit screws some 20 years or so ago I thought these are great,
easier to use and obviously modern technology till I learned of the disagreement.

Henry Ford of Ford motor Co had planned on using the square bit screws on his first cars, but a licensing depute with the inventor nixed that.

"Mr. Phillips had no such reservation over licensing to Ford, and, as they say, the rest is history!

BTW square drive screws would of saved 2 hours of assembly time for each auto.

And a thank you to for this give away. I have an account on that site as I like to take stuff apart: just no use for a ‘iPhone Liberation Kit’ myself.

Submission + - Russia claims Snowden did not cross their border. ( 1

Razgorov Prikazka writes: The BBC reports that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated: [Snowden] had not crossed the Russian border. "We are in no way involved with either Mr Snowden, his relations with US justice, nor to his movements around the world," Mr Lavrov said. Correspondents say Mr Lavrov's comments suggest that Mr Snowden remained airside after landing in Moscow, and so has technically never entered Russian territory.
So where is Snowden now? The Dutch comic "Fokke & Sukke" have a tip for Snowden: If you dont want to be tried at an American court there is only one place to go: Guantanamo Bay.

Comment Re:Worst Summary Ever (Score 2) 163

Big difference from Summery.

Qantas customers have the choice of installing the search tracker and are awarded up to
150 Qantas frequent flier points a month for doing so.

Summery makes it sound like Ubuntu's policy of sending all search results to Amazon to raise cash;
with no choice by users, nor reward of any sort.

Submission + - Data Miners Liken Obama Voters to Caesars Gamblers 1

theodp writes: As Steve Wozniak publicly laments how government used new technologies he introduced in unintended ways to monitor people, the NY Times reports how the digital masterminds behind the Obama Presidential campaign are cashing in by bringing the secret, technologically advanced formulas used for reaching voters to commercial advertisers. 'The plan is to bring the same Big Data expertise that guided the most expensive presidential campaign in history to companies and nonprofits,' explains Civis Analytics, which is backed bu Google Chairman and Obama advisor Eric Schmidt. Also boasting senior members of Obama's campaign team is Analytics Media Group (A.M.G.), which pitched that 'keeping gamblers loyal to Caesars was not all that different from keeping onetime Obama voters from straying to Mitt Romney.' The extent to which the Obama campaign used the newest tech tools to look into people’s lives was largely shrouded, the Times reports, but included data mining efforts that triggered Facebook's internal safeguard alarms. "They’d sigh and say, 'You can do this as long as you stop doing it on Nov. 7.'," recalled an ex-Obama for America software engineer who's now with A.M.G. 'We asked to see [voter's Faceboook] photos but really we were looking for who were tagged in photos with you, which was a really great way to dredge up old college friends — and ex-girlfriends.' The Times also explains how the Obama campaign was able to out-optimize the Romney campaign on TV buys by obtaining set-top box TV show viewing information from cable companies for voters on the Obama campaign's 'persuadable voters' list. An A.M.G. executive hypothesized that the viewing habits of gamblers could be used in a similar fashion for follow-up targeted TV advertising to help ensure that they continue to 'Hail Caesars.'

Comment Re:Beware Internet Echo Chambers (Score 1) 611

LMAO -- Did you actually just quote an editorial as a factual citation?

Let me educate you: An actual citation would be one where the article actually states specifically that the xbox one camera IS always on, even when it's turned off,

Make no mistake that Xbone will know who and where you are the living room with the Xbone
and adjacent areas. Being available to change the channel by you telling it to. Or if disadvantaged
a gesture such as a hand wave in a circle. It can't do this without a microphone and camera on all the time.

If you can't get that from Xbone's published abilities, no amount of links will convince you.

"The Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK give you the tools you need to develop
innovative applications that harness speech and human tracking."

Kinect Game Development on Windows

Doesn't get much more open ended than that, it's uses are only limited to your imagination
and needs. So you need to ask the question:
Is it watching me like some creepy stalker, while I undress, while I watch TV. recording everything I do?
to every programmer/hacker that writes a program for the Zbone, cause yes it's already set up for it.


AND that it actually does record everything all the time and reports it to the NSA/CIA/FBI. Come back when you find one of THOSE to cite...

Did Prism not teach you anything?

Comment Re:No current PC can match the PS4 (Score 1) 611

We should be grateful to the PS4 for finally breaking the cycle of games being the same old engine, just with higher rez textures, higher rez output, and more frame rates. The PS4 will enable open world games that are vastly more realistic and pleasing, and one day not too far away the PC will start to catch up.

They broke the cycle with the PS3 and the Cell architecture. The PS4 is going backwards "the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD processor based
around the x86-64 instruction set"

"Other notable hardware features ... dedicated custom chips for processing audio, video and background tasks."

Sound familiar? It's what the Amiga did, even had names for the chips
Denise (video) Paula (audio) Copper and Agnus ran the show

I'd buy a PS4 before an XBone, but all I use my PS3 for is Netflix.


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