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Comment Re:Then stop flying your damn planes over my house (Score 1) 264

My airspace, MINE!

-A barrage balloon, sometimes called a "blimp," is a large balloon tethered with metal cables, used to defend against aircraft attack by damaging the aircraft on collision with the cables, or at least making the attacker's approach more difficult.

Found this gem reading further: " They proved to be mildly effective against the V-1 flying bomb, which usually flew at 2,000 feet (600 m) or lower but had wire-cutters on its wings to counter balloons. 231 V-1s are officially claimed to have been destroyed by balloons." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B...

Something I didn't realize is how many freaking V-1's were set off.

Comment Re:Then stop flying your damn planes over my house (Score 1) 264

My airspace, MINE!

I read a book of that nature. I can't remember it's name, but the jets were flying over his house due to a new airport, so he floated Barrage balloon above his place.
It was a fairly decent book but he'd most likely be shoot in this age. - They downed the balloon with the after burners of a jet.

-A barrage balloon, sometimes called a "blimp," is a large balloon tethered with metal cables, used to defend against aircraft attack by damaging the aircraft on collision with the cables, or at least making the attacker's approach more difficult.

Comment Re:Checklist (Score 1) 89

Mkay, where is the checklist of theorized star types yet to be discovered?

... now I'm wondering how long it takes a black hole to devour a red giant from the inside out.

Don't think Wikipedia is going to get their citation... does seem odd a black hole first then a supernova.

If their combined mass exceeds the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit then the two will collapse into a black hole, resulting in a supernova that disperses the outer layers of the star. Otherwise, the two will coalesce into a single neutron star.[citation needed] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T...–ytkow_object

Submission + - Lepton Universality in question, the Standard Model may be in trouble. (phys.org)

Charliemopps writes: Over the past few years, more and more experiments have started to question one of the core assumptions of the standard model: Lepton Universality. Simply put, the weak nuclear force is assumed to work equally on all Leptons (electron, muon and tau.)

2 years ago The Babar experimental collaboration reported that measurements indicated this may not have been the case. But the measurements were not accurate enough to be definitive.

Now, a report from The LHC shows that they have analyzed their entire dataset of proton-proton collisions and found a rather large discrepancy. These measurements are still not all that accurate. These decays happen so rarely that even with this huge data set there is still about a 1% change they are incorrect.

One explanation for such measurements is an, as of yet, undiscovered charged Higgs particle. Which would have to be extremely heavy, greater than 109GEV possibly even as high as 150GEV. This is predicted by some models outside of the standard model like Supersymmetry Does this breath new life into Super symmetry? We'll have to wait for the scientific community to chime in to find out.

Submission + - Speech.is: interop for Nameoin censorship resistant DNS (speech.is)

fsterman writes: Growing up on Slashdot, I've been watched ICANN and the slow decline of the DNS system with great dismay. A year ago, I set out to create a scalable interoperability layer for Namecoin that doesn't involve proxies or mirroring content.

Speech.is reimplements DNS lookups within the browser itself. When coupled with emerging WebRTC P2P networks we are able to push all processing to the client side, shielding us from legal liability.

What's *really* amazing is that I was able to backport some of the censorship resistant properties of the Namecoin .bit TLD to regular websites. Governments will be unable to selectively censor websites and it will be *very* difficult for politicians and judges to rationalize their way into blacklisting the entire domain.

The www.speech.is website has the full nitty-gritty details. However, remember that this is a developer preview!

Comment Re:OK, so you explained the blonde hair (Score 2) 125

Now, where the heck do the blonde jokes come from? I've never seen any association between stupidity or airheadedness with blonde people.

It was around 1988 or late 80's when Blond joke started in my area and group (BBS'ers), there are some great jokes that vein.

Trying to answer your question I came across this gem:

"The researchers found that the blond-haired applicant was rated as significantly less capable than her brunette doppelganger. In addition, participants designated the female applicant’s starting salary as significantly lower when she was depicted as a blonde than when she was shown with brown hair." (sic) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...

(Kyle, D.J.; Mahler, H.I. (1996), "The effects of hair color and cosmetic use on perceptions of a female's ability", Psychology of Women Quarterly 20 (3): 447–455) go figure.

Submission + - Whistleblowers Enter the Post-Snowden Era 2

Presto Vivace writes: GovExec Magazine reporting on the aftermath of Snowden's disclosures:

From his Reston, Va., office at the Intelligence Community’s Office of the Inspector General, Meyer told Government Executive that a communitywide policy directive signed in March by the director of the Office of National Intelligence “is an affirmative statement that you have to blow the whistle” upon encountering wrongdoing, noting that in the past it was seen as an option. The new directive, he added, “shows firm support for the IC IG Whistleblowing program that actively promotes federal whistleblowing through lawful disclosures, which ultimately strengthens our nation’s security.”

The key to the campaign of openness to whistleblowers, as distinct from criminal leakers and publicity seekers, Meyer stresses, is that it “must aid the agency mission. It is developmental and helps all stakeholders understand that we have rules in effect,” he added. Meyer is expecting a bow wave of whistleblower retaliation cases (which can involve punishments ranging from demotion to pay cuts to required psychiatric evaluation) to come through his office directly or through a hotline in the coming months.

Given the realities of the insider threat program and war on whistleblowers I can't say that I am optimistic about the new directive.

Submission + - Garage Owner Fakes Murder For Google Street View

mrspoonsi writes: A garage owner has apologised for staging a scene that looked like a murder in an Edinburgh street, which was caught on Google Street View. Dan Thompson, 56, who owns Tomson Motor in Giles Street, had to say sorry after receiving a visit from the police. The mechanic had lain on the road while his colleague stood over him with a pick axe handle after spotting the Google camera car from a distance. However, a web user saw the image and made a complaint.

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