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Comment Theory/Product May/Will Revolutionize ur life!! (Score 2) 92

  That is such a misused statement(s), there is very little chance you ever
  hear of this again, not just this article but anything that's claiming to
  be anything other than an interesting article.

  Remember the glass bottles with a coating inside that made the very last
  drop of ketchup/mayonnaise flow, ending waste? Never heard of it again.

  Mouth wash that used once would completely eliminate tooth decay? Yep, dead story.

  I'm not even taking the time to look for links you all know of some
  "make this a better world" solution that never sees the day of light, let
  alone another word.

Comment Re:I Live 90 Miles From the Site (Score 1) 136

2. The people who are doing the difficult work deserve a huge gratitude of thanks for their effort. Working in full radiation suits and masks in 35C temperatures in summer took extraordinary strength of purpose and determination.

I hear that, and it is an effort to do it for long, I've worked in full plastics, rain gear, pants, top, hood it's no joy, and damn hot work.

Comment News article with a purpose... (Score 1) 241

I see this as MS scare tactics to get people to update from XP, XP is bad, XP must not be used.

Last month I started getting hit by none Genuine Win7 alerts, then I lost my Internet, yet everything was fine.
I'd load Mint and had Internet access. Install another Win7 and the same thing, My IP is marked.

Not sure what gave me away, a new ASUS modem, Google being my DNS or Comodo which downloaded a ton of stuff
before I noticed and put a halt to it; or any number of MS collaborators.

This is just a BS item, proper hex and your ok. Hirens boot cd with MiniXP is now public domain MS has given up on XP.

Comment Google is starting to get scary (Score 2) 163

And that's just from search results.

Google is my DNS, and as they are damn quick; Posting a message
of the use of the block I knew the RFC number but needed a link
I typed in RFC and one suggestion was 1918 (The RFC I was looking for).

I get a traffic ticket I want to see how bad it could of been, The
Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is where one goes for this in our area,
I type in RCW and the section I'm after is suggested.

The first one analogizing my post as I write it? The second a popular search?,
or Google's has extra info

It's one thing to know your giving info, it's another to see it in action.

Comment Re:My top sites (Score 3, Insightful) 129

Problem with Tom's hardware is they pull from the Usenet, a trick to make
one think a server is used more extensively than it really is. They have made a name for themselves now
but still pulling from the Usenet. They also pay to be on top of the front page results.

I can't remember the number of times I've searched for something only to find I'd written it years earlier;
for the newsgroup 24hoursupport.helpdesk, Yet it's accredited to Tom's Hardware. Where you went to
read it, If a member replied to such a post it would go unanswered, and none to a very few have a clue of what's going on.

Hundreds of forum topics yet maybe a hand full not gleaned from the UseNet and actually from Tom's hardware's registered members, of which I'm not one

Comment My thoughts on the subject. (Score 1) 398

Nice Museum from the outside, not many places you can place a large
globe of the Earth and it look good. - yet I may be pushing it.

I scanned the articles, No, a museum or library isn't a place for taking sides on such
a subject, how soon many forget, Global warming is of major concern, then not a
month ago were told it's been a farce, (sorry Gore I like you). Temps were ignored
the unseen heat placed in the ocean currents that take can take a thousand years to complete
a cycle, (good hiding spot).

Yet it continues, like nothing happened, with the same importance of stopping it or more than before.

I was taught that the 1940's were the end of the warm cycle, and part of a 100,000 year cycle
personally I look forward to anything that will keep it warmer. but what were being bombarded
with isn't fact, but predetermined results to sway a world.

I applaud a Museum / library for not taking part in this or any debate, they should be (remain) neutral.

Comment Obviously they can't find a decent alternative (Score 2) 292

I don't know if YaHoo mail, Hotmail or Gmail is any good, I use Forte Agenté_Agent must copy and paste the é throws a loop.
and POP 3 my e-mail, everything to Gmail then to me. I use version Agent 1.93 (very old, very good).

I get no HTML mail, it's all in text unless I want to view it, I send no web beacons when
I read my mail. I send no it's been read replies.

It's the safest most secure e-mail system I've come across and been using it since Win 3.1.
None of my Email stays on a web service, and I have every email I've sent and received (for some reason).

Just saying YaHoo Pop 3 your email, you take the kool aide, yet they don't know of the outcome.
You use the YaHoo service but at your convince and in a secure fashion.

(Now I just hope Yahoo POP3's their Email, I got a Yahoo account when they were "Google" (before) but
never use it :} )

Comment Re:Apps (Score 2) 74

Does anyone know about what apps come with Cyanogenmod (my google fu is lacking. Mostly it talks about getting the google apps).

So, forgive my ignorance, but does CM provide an array of quality OSS apps for actually running the phone in addition to the base windowing system and kernel?

Looking for a place to post my, ... well this:

I've used their mods for almost two years on my tablet. It was upgraded by to 4.12, CyanogenMod has taken it to 4.2.
The tweaks they provide are better than Google/Motorola supplies. I can play with the Dual CPUs if I wanted to
but happy to leave those alone, graphics, just a lot they've opened up to customization.

Also the goodies they include are great, I'd of never known about them if not for CyanogenMod
Apollo music player

DSPManger equalizer, inadvertently to control my speaker docking station

and MX Player, a very configurable, play any movie player, it's what I use instead of a TV in the bedroom

All the above have a non pay version or free for use.

Though another mod I found Hacker Keyboard, very nice, a full keyboard and the keys where you expect them
(If the program your using accepts them)

Not sure how they work on a phone, but a tablet they work very well.

Comment Re:Youtube has a lot of full length movies (Score 1) 249

Yeah, Opera pretty much gave us desktop users the middle finger. They don't want us any more and don't care. They just reskinned Chrome and pushed it out the door. I'm still on 12 but that won't last forever as standards change. I don't know what I'm going to do. Chrome sucks, Firefox is a hog, IE not in this lifetime. Ugh.

I try to the get the entire downloads and not some weblink installer. Managed to have Opera 12 on hand whew!
Turned off fraud protection, stuck Opera in my routers firewall and continue on. 17 for having less is twice the size of 12.

Was just a huge coincidence that the very first thing I did was to Google something who's first hit blocked my access :}

"Because of continued abuse from users with the browser you are currently using, I'm disallowing that browser from"

Damn lucky as well, first history link I hit looking for it :}
Figures it's a Windows MVP's site

I don't know what to do about a different bowser myself, IE isn't even in the running,

Comment Youtube has a lot of full length movies (Score 3, Interesting) 249

PS3 in a drop down fashion are NetFlix, youtube, then of course Amazon instant videos and Red Box
showed up on the last update -4.5.

Flame: Know how time consuming it was to find that reddit link? It used to be a tab on my browser.

Yesterday I updated Opera 12 to version 17. I didn't want to lose the /. taking me to slashdot feature so put it off.
Opera doesn't have bookmarks anymore, how truly asinine is that? Nor can I disable flash, and much more.
So I don't use Opera after well since forever, but FireFox that auto log's me into a site (for the moment).
and off topic but I'm still hot over it.

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