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Comment Re:Great site, if one is a warez hound... (Score 1) 80

Laugh if you will, but having virtually the entire run of Wonder Woman, for example, from the 1940's on is very valuable to someone like me that does research in popular culture studies.

Wonder Woman! lol, it's made it back to TV (MeTV) I just won't watch it. I remember reading the comics, the invisible jet, the lasso of truth, and the bracelets did something.

Now your turn, my vintage comics are Donald Duck, the best works were by Carl Barks who was both writer and illustrator. The new stuff is junk so I just stick to Carl Barks era comics, which I have almost all.

jones_supa has a point, I should start scanning what I've got. That's a lot of work for me though, scanning one page at a time. :}

Submission + - Springpad shuts down - users advised to export data by June 25th ( 1

DiamondGeezer writes: Springpad have annnounced that they will shutdown permanently on June 25th.

As we announced a few days ago, we are very sorry to let you know that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25th. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure additional funding or scale to become a self-sustaining business. As part of closing our business, a portion of our team is joining Google. At this point, our priority is to help you move forward with the data you have stored in Springpad. Today we are releasing an export tool that gives you a few options including a full Evernote migration, a viewable HTML data backup, and an importable JSON file for other services to use. Read more below about each of these options, or go to to start migrating your data now. You will have until June 25th to continue to access your data and complete your migration. At that point will no longer be available, all online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working, and your personal data will no longer be stored on our servers.

Comment TrueCrypt screwed me (Score 2) 566

I figure it was my fault but still not sure what I did wrong. I read all of the text on trueCrypt from the site and thought I had a handle on it, so two hard drives were organized and TrueCrypted.

I had just assumed a password would allow one to access the/a device.

I install Windows when it starts doing odd thing, about every 6 months. I installed a new clean install of Win7, hooked up the drives and the passwords wouldn't allow me access to the drives. Ended up formatting both drives as I couldn't access them no matter what I tried.

So I am very reluctant to try TrueCrypt again, yet BitLocker isn't an option.

Comment Re:What! (Score 0) 566

The website itself says that integrated encryption is supported in Windows 8/7/Vista, but when you go to MS's website about Bitlocker for Win 7, it says that it's only supported in Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. Guess everyone on Home / Pro versions gets screwed!

Plus one needs a TPM chip installed for Bitlocker to of any use something I've steered clear of for many years,
"The concerns include the abuse of remote validation of software (where the manufacturer — and not the user who owns the computer system — decides what software is allowed to run)" just one of many.

Comment Let's look at the Physicians Desk Reference (Score 2) 200

Better known as the PDR, anytime your Doctor says excuse me for a bit. The chances are very great they are flipping through a PDR trying to find the "right pill/treatment" for you.

If your Google the PDR you get link after link of how reliable it is on, all but the first hit. and it nails the problem with the PDR.

"The PDR is merely a drug's package insert. It is a FDA regulated article limited to merely the research submitted to the FDA typically to get a product approved for sale to you. Sometimes the information is from research from after the drug is out and being used by patients--new issues or problems arise. Period. It offers little else!" (edited "FDAÑtypically to FDA typically")

... "For example, one new anti-psychotic drug, Abilify, is listed in the PDR as a drug, which has doses of 15 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg. Guess what would happen if psychotic youth were given this PDR official dose?

If I gave that to kids with psychosis, I would have vomiting and stuporous patients. Continuing to follow the PDR would be cruelty." ...

"In no way does the PDR describe nor purport to describe the standard of care. Half the prescriptions in the nation are written off label. In other words, doctors think of useful and helpful ways which have not been approved by the massive FDA, you know, the ones who shut down Canadian drug stores in the USA.

If a doctor fails to place patients on a medication for the non-approved PDR indication, but the custom is that most doctors do, the doctor is clearly outside the standard of care. Thus quoting the PDR as authoritative represents the failure to comply with half of the standard of care in the US.

Some doctors would testify that limiting oneself to PDR approved indications and dosage is quackery that should result in the loss of license, as a threat to the health of the public. Half the customary prescribed treatment would be missed by this doctor."

Comment Re:Or, we could just be playing a game (Score 1) 212

I just had a conversation with my son about violent games. This weekend for the first time I've let him play GTA. He loves it and speaks out loud while playing. I actually played with him to show him he doesn't have to kill officers and civilians to get what he wants.

You showed him how to pick up hookers? (Grin)

Comment Re:Nice piece of work (Score 1) 143

Well-done article. Read it top to bottom. Congrats.

I tried to follow it all the way through, bounce around reddit and even downloaded the torrent "2014 Mt. Gox Leak"

I made the basic mistake of following links and forgetting to read the rest of the article. I went back and finished, it was well written and a lot of work went into it.

To give the ending away, this is what it comes down to (best guess speculation by author):

Peter R, another trader, came to the same conclusion independently from me
-The author

"a group of hackers gained access to MtGox servers and executed fake trades that the world could see, driving the nominal price of bitcoin near $0. Mark was frantic. He quickly regained control of the servers and learned the dark truth: the million bitcoins that had recently flooded in earlier that month were gone. Mark admitted publically to the hack, rewound the false trades, but kept the truth of the missing coins a secret.

How could this 26-year old explain to his customers that he had lost their bitcoins? And if the world found out, would this kill the thing he loved so dearly? Would he go to jail? Or worse yet, would someone kill him? Mark decided that he would do what he thought was right: he would slowly earn back the lost bitcoin with MtGox trading fee profits and eventually make his customers whole again. He still had over 500,000 BTC left—he moved 424242.42424242 BTC between bitcoin addresses and convinced the community that MtGox was solvent. As long as withdrawals didn’t exceed deposits over a long period of time, no one would ever find out the truth. Or so he thought."

----- So how did all of this trading activity affect the price of Bitcoin as a whole? The answer is, unfortunately, enormously. -article

Comment Re:Nice piece of work (Score 1) 143

Well-done article. Read it top to bottom. Congrats.

I tried to follow it all the way through, bounce around reddit and even downloaded the torrent "2014 Mt. Gox Leak"

But wasn't able to view it as there's concern over the file; It appears to be a MAC.OSX.Coinstealer, go figure.

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