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Comment Just perfect; Annual Credit report (Score 1) 390

For years I've use and have sent many (lots of) people to
for an anual credit report. In the US your allowed 1 free credit report a year. Three companies are sent
request, so one is able to get 3 reports a year or one more extensive one.

Experian is one of the three companies your request (and information) is sent to. I would imagine
any info I've sent them is now public domain.

Of course I've read the ToS of annualcreditreport
it was all good, and still reads that way, till the very end: Last Updated November 15, 2006
I would think there would of been some changes by now.

Not sure if due to "Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service", but there's a banner now that says:
Note: The website will be temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance from
approximately 8:30pm ET on October 22, 2013 to 8:00am ET on October 23, 2013.

Comment MineCraft is a great vehicle to promote this (Score 2) 71

or really anything...

I made a post for a website on how to get a mob spawner in MineCraft; part of the post included
a 4 second video showing the process. Lots of pictures but one video.

I'd forgotten all about it until the e-mail started and did it come, a 4 second video nobody likes
now has 420K views. I've much better videos, of glitches, all sorts of stuff but none anywhere close to
the reception (views) of this video

Was cool the hate line was red and long, called a saber for the longest time. Ads are not allowed
or seen, practicing what I preach.

Minecraft has a heck of a following of all ages, as it's very simple to learn yet you can get very complex with; it as Google is showing.

Comment I don't want to be tracked don't work either... (Score 1) 193

Please! If people won't take a clue and use a HOSTS file they deserve all the ads they get.

The system the author uses is a cookie type, so the must keep their cookies, someone posted
that there are Firefox programs to keep certain cookies after I posted this before. I just scanned
the article but seems like

Just use a HOSTS file mines 144292 lines, I don't get many ads.

And know that you can't opt-out of on-line or mobile ads - Google tossed me a loop searching for a PDF,
I put in TRAX it searches for TRACKS; - I say that then say you need to opt out of at the router level.

I've also found an easy way to "block" Web Beacons; in your browser set it to download "GIF" files,
I download them to C:\temp. I then goto search around a bit then check C:\temp and there
are a couple 1K gif files (web beacons). but doesn't affect any normal gif files say avatars.

Comment Odd this being asked after MS starts dual booting (Score 1) 168

Talk of monetizing the Android, a week after MicroSoft decides to give
it's phone software away; in hope many will select the dual bootable Windows
over Android.

I didn't post this, then today I read "Google shares touch $1,000 for the first time ever" a surge in mobile and video advertising that helped drive quarterly revenue up 23 percent.
Google seems to be doing rather nicely, thank you

Google has started doing small things that tick me off, but two request one for each account
to be removed from Google+ was met without the whining that had me on facebook 4 years
after I thought I had quit that POS.

Quoting an Apple fan boy who use a company that
agrees with his agenda is just sad.

Submission + - Humans Born in Space May Be Doomed to Gravity Sickness ( 1

Jeremiah Cornelius writes: From the "What's-Up-Doc?" Dept.
NASA first started sending jellyfish to space aboard the Columbia space shuttle during the early '90s to test how space flight would affect their development. Under the fantastic headline "Space-Born Jellyfish Hate Life On Earth" Popular Science notes that jellyfish babies, born in microgravity environments, "have to deal with massive vertigo on Earth after spending their first few days in space". There's a possibility for future generations of space-born human children, who might never be acclimatised to a terrestrial environment, and in fact could be incapacitated by gravity forces approaching "normal". Jellyfish tell up from down through calcium sulfate crystals that ring the bottom edge of their mushroom-like bodies. Humans sense gravity and acceleration through calcium crystals in the inner ear — similar to jellyfish — moving sensitive hair cells that signal our brains on direction of gravitation.

Comment One or two good games can certainly make a change (Score 2) 410

One or two Good Game can certainly make a difference

One decent game would get me into Linux; I dual boot Win7 and Mint, but only visit Mint, I don't really
use it as there's nothing "special" I use it for.

Doom took me from the Amiga and to the PC, as did Quake II (made for my video card (3DFX drivers)) graphics were incredible.
Installed Win3.1, the easy networking and abundance of programs shelved the Amiga.

I have Portal 2 I can play from Mint but have played it on the PC already, and it's not as good as the first.
Guess the cake was my carrot and an out right lie.

The Games I've found for Mint are Civilization types, build this then you can build that; but those can
impede your progress or even stop you if not taken care of.

I tried Red hat in the 1990's bought the book and CD. The Red hat disk partition tool was so confusing
I quit at the very start. If the instructions had just said "or you can just use FDISK" things would be much different now.

I'm a new linux user that used Unix commands to get around on old shell accounts. So have a leg up;
but still trying to get know to the command line while Linux is swaying folks to the GUI.

Then there's the flavor of Linux I started with Ubuntu as it was very popular at the time, the Live CD
didn't work so stopped there. Another serious approach was Mint as Ubuntu was sending search
query's to third parties - and where I'm at now. Just that I have no reason to use Mint, at the moment
I play Battle Field 3 all the time - a very enjoyable game for me for close to two years now.

Submission + - Fusion "Breakthrough" at National Ignition Facility? Uh, Not Really (

sciencehabit writes: One unintended effect of the U.S. federal shutdown is that helpful press officers at government labs are not available to provide a reality check to some of the wilder stories that can catch fire on the Internet. They would have come in handy this week, when a number of outlets jumped on a report on the BBC News website. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, it reported, had passed a "nuclear fusion milestone." NIF uses the world's highest energy laser system to crush tiny pellets containing a form of hydrogen fuel to enormous temperature and pressure. The aim is to get the hydrogen nuclei to fuse together into helium atoms, releasing energy. The BBC story reported that during one experiment last month, "the amount of energy released through the fusion reaction exceeded the amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel — the first time this had been achieved at any fusion facility in the world." This prompted a rush of even more effusive headlines proclaiming the "fusion breakthrough." As no doubt NIF's press officers would have told reporters, the experiment in question certainly shows important progress, but it is not the breakthrough everyone is hoping for.

Comment Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment - a video! (Score 1) 242

A quote from the comments (saves time):

jon manock 1 week ago
"this video is extremely misleading. the electron does not know it is being observed and decide to behave like a particle.
it is the electron interacting with the test equipment that collapses the wave function. consciousness has nothing to do with it."

Comment Re:Cookies (Score 1) 251

It's not enough to log out, you have to wipe the cookies, too. Google sets a lot of them and then there are Google-related sites like Youtube which also set Cookies. I'm not sure how much these other sites share Cookies with Google, but I wouldn't trust them on it.

It's much more than not logging in to block tracking, just one step. Web Beacons are the concern logging in or reading html email. running a huge a$$ HOSTS file is also very important.

Ever hear of flurry
that's a biggie to block. It's Google analytics, for a price they provide advertisers
user demographics and what ads to send to you.

Mostly used for mobile devices will let you opt-out if you give them your device ID. every time I change the OS on my rooted Xoom tablet the ID changes
so I block it at the router level (just got a new router with firewall). Also your device ID isn't all that easy to find.
- for Android > look for: Device ID

Read the ToS, Privacy Policy at it explains in detail what angry birds does with your collected data.
One is they send your info to who in return sends them prospective clients.


Here's a good one... Read the ToS at you'd never know it was Google.
I registered at to keeps a data base of my connection rates; of course I read their terms of service,
it led you to

There was a thread about tracking I happened on after my registration, the operator of that site
replied to the thread mentioning he was very happy to be working for Google, it was a good company.
I replied that it's odd your so up front about being part of Google yet one would never know through the ToS was Google as well. Now reading the ToS you'd never know is part of Google. :}
unless you went to

Yes Google provides a service and expects something in return, they can have my searches and the links
I visit, as I find them through Google. But I don't need Google+ shoved not only in my face, but into my lifel
Google+ isn't a service it's totally different.

Submission + - Fusion milestone passed at US lab ( 1

Bizzeh writes: The BBC reports that Researchers at a US lab have passed a crucial milestone on the way to their ultimate goal of achieving self-sustaining nuclear fusion. Harnessing fusion — the process that powers the Sun — could provide an unlimited and cheap source of energy.

But to be viable, fusion power plants would have to produce more energy than they consume, which has proven elusive.

Now, a breakthrough by scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) could boost hopes of scaling up fusion

Submission + - Fusion Reactor Breaks Even 2

mysqlbytes writes: The BBC is reporting the National Ignition Facility (NIF), based at Livermore in California, Has succeeded in breaking even — "During an experiment in late September, the amount of energy released through the fusion reaction exceeded the amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel — the first time this had been achieved at any fusion facility in the world."

Comment Google is becoming meddlesome (Score 1) 251

I don't log onto a site unless I have to, then log off when I'm done, keeps the tracking down a tad.

I have two Youtube accounts Googles aware of. Yesterday I logged in to do some work on the videos
and joined Google+. I don't want to be part of Google+, I've no interest in the "social networks".
I've changed the settings to send no Email my way and keep from displaying my actions, but
don't wish an account I want no part of. Took me 4 years to finally get out of Facebook,
an account I started but never did anything with.

Youtube videos have always been in the lowest resolution as I've no cookie to remember a setting,
no big deal. Now all of the videos are muted as well on all browsers.

Youtube has a lot of full length movies, I have a PS3, A HDTV, and a Motorola Xoom tablet that can access youtube.
I wanted to watch Dogma on the HDTV, I can't.
The searches never came close; even spelling them out word for word, there are quite a few I can't access.
The links can't be accessed by any thing but the PC, no way to enter them or the PS3 reverts to a Youtube program that can't find them either.

I've started downloading the videos transferring them to each device; the start of my inadvertent youtube movie collection.

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