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Comment Re:Use Opera Mini and you'll never worry about dat (Score 1) 99

All pages go through their browser for reformatting to your device's screen dimensions and compression.

So you don't download the Mini but the Mobile version

Opera Mobile is a complete web browser installed on your mobile phone — all the code rendering and JavaScript
interaction happens on your mobile. This is in contrast to Opera Mini, where the rendering happens on the server
and a compressed version is then sent to the handset.

Opera is my Browser of choice and the best ever I feel, at least up to version 12.14, (desktop)
I also don't do anything of importance with my cell phone or tablet, but for a different reason. It's possible those could easily be lost or stolen.

Comment Linux Mint has been malware for me (Score 1) 252

Reading the replies some mentioned flash, Flash for Windows defaults to Webcam on, so thought I'd
check my Flash for Mint as I wasn't sure if I had set the settings. Mint is my start in Linux and used infrequently.

Things led to preferences, Network Proxy pref's showing that as being ignored, hit the help button
and get a standard Mint manual of which "network proxy" isn't found.

No help, I see if it means what I think it means and put "" in my HOSTS file,
saved, rebooted then logged into

Crap the only thing being blocked are sites placed into my router. I've been wide open the entire time while thinking
some 19400+ sites I have blocked in my HOSTS file, haven't been.

No, I don't trust Mint anymore after today, I've no clue what other surprises are "built in".

Comment regarded meteorites highly as religion developed (Score 1) 119

The direct quote

hints that they regarded meteorites highly as they began to develop their religion.

The Black Stone; Although it has often been described as a meteorite, this hypothesis is now uncertain.

The Black Stone is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the ancient stone building toward which Muslims pray, in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca,
Saudi Arabia. It is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.

Comment A start button and a Nanny cam (Score 4, Interesting) 800

"We also added the ability to take pictures with the built-in camera right from the Lock screen without having to log in."

This is a XboxOne feature, the video and microphone will always be on so it can greet you when you walk into a room or able
to take voice commands. The privacy issues should be obvious for a company like Microsoft.

Comment Re:How to save your company (Score 1) 800

Give users the option to use your terrible Metro interface or have a standard Start menu. What's so hard about that?

Because now the XboxOne will have a start menu and it will look out of place there.
it's just a make em feel good act as within Metro apps (off the main screen) the start button is gone.

Comment TRS 80 model 3 with cassette storage. (Score 1) 623

Taught myself Basic programing, typing in programs listed in the magazine 80 Micro
Then when the programs wouldn't run, going back and debugging them taught me a lot. I had also taught myself
Assembly language and was going strong in that direction.

When I bought my first Amiga, (500), first thing I did was start to write programs in Basic, but none
ever ran right; in fact I had to quit as it was making me mad enough to toss the Amiga 500 through a wall.

The Amiga put a screeching halt to my programing; while I speak of the Amiga God machine it really screwed me in that respect.
I haven't really programed since. I tried AREXX but never went far with it.

Apparently Amiga's Basic program never did work right and pulled from later upgrades.

Submission + - Use Cases Overtaking Google Glass Gimmick? (

itwbennett writes: Despite some backlash against Google's hands-free wearable computing device, the use cases for such technology are mounting. Mobile device management (MDM) specialist Fiberlink, for example, is betting big on 'wearable tech being used and proliferating in the post-PC era,' says Jim Szafranski, senior vice president of Customer Platform Services. 'Even though we're in the beginning days, we've got a lot of field applications that our customers are interested in,' he says. 'Right now, we've got guys climbing telephone poles holding tablets.'

Comment Re:The problem with the "old" Opera was JS (Score 1) 191

I wish that were true, but they dropped presto for Webkit and this is the first build of the abomination. Instead of fully featured browser in a neat multilanguage package of about 15 mb, we now have an useless Chrome shell without side bar, M2, RSS client, Bookmarks, keyboard and mouse shortcuts and well.. without anything resembling Opera.

Haven't tried it yet but I fear the loss of my short-cuts, one built in is /. taking you to;
I have many more that I've used for ages.

Hopefully this upgrade will allow Opera to play well with all of the sites now, I'm just used to
getting "you need a modern browser to continue". I use Opera as my main browser but have
a secondary FireFox for the pages Oprea won't open or when I want to play Battlefield 3,
which is daily

Somewhere around version around 3.62 or so is when I started using Opera. That browser on a floppy
was one sweet deal, taking all my bookmarks with me as I visited was just handy.

I've been collecting my bookmarks since that time as well, nothing else imports them,
some have tried but but it doesn't work out for me. I'm sure this newest update will
let me keep them and hopefully creating a new bookmark folder won't take very many tries now;
actually creating one was mostly a matter of luck for me.

Opera has always had the latest and greatest features, I hope it isn't "improved" to where
I don't care for it as that would just suck.

The above sound rambling? Probably because I am afraid of what's become of Opera.

Submission + - Mt. Everest's Fisrt Video Broadcast Outrages Nepali Tourist Ministry

hutsell writes: On May 19th, Daniel Hughes spoke to BBC News live from the world's highest peak using his smartphone, making it the first live broadcast from Everest. (The actual video — showing the importance of oxygen along with his panoramic view — on the BBC page, is bookend with talking heads and a front-end advert.)

However, since he and his team failed to get a commercial broadcast permit (costing about 2 grand) without the Nepali Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Aviation's knowledge, officials want to impose the penalty of having them banned from obtaining climbing permits for 10 years or from entering the country for 5 years.

From Dipendra Poudel, an official of the Ministry's mountain branch: "The mountaineering rules say if you want to make a live telecast from the mountain, which is a restricted area, you have to get a permit first and inform us early about what you're going to do."

Those protesting against the decision feel the intent of the law is being misinterpreted; it's failing to keep up with the recent fundamental changes in technology.

Joanna Jolly, a former Nepal correspondent for the BBC opines: " In the past, if you were a film crew making a commercial film, this would be clear from the amount of equipment you had with you. ... The question is: Does short video clips and posting them to personal websites (or making video calls on smart phones) also qualifies as commercial broadcasting, and where do you draw the line?"

A permit that was meant to deal with ecological repercussions, doesn't seem to apply in this case. If it doesn't, is it really about disrespect, money, a tourism copyright angle, or all of the above? Then again, should the Nepal government ignore outsiders questioning their motives?

Comment wasn't for Vista (Score 2) 381

When Vista was released I tried and it was a very established data business, totally unrelated
to Microsoft. MS walked all over this domain name, I thought ah these poor people. I checked on the site
from time to time, the business model changed over the years to one of working with computer hardware.

Never once did they have a redirect to Microsoft due those coming to the wrong site which impressed me
as them never letting MS change their operation - yet does redirects to now.

This XboxOne is MS's fault for not checking first before committing, get over it MS you failed again.

Comment Re:comment at the source (Score 1) 326

Source: I work in this project.
These are very biased news and in fact they are wrong.
The first submarine (S80) will be fixed by making it a bit longer and adding some floating aids.

"We'll be adding wings with pontoons at each end" he sighs with disgust as he storms off thinking morons didn't they think we'd have planned for this?

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