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Comment Re:Knowledge (Score 1) 141

They drive home the point that as soon as a star starts producing iron it's toast, in that split second it goes nova.
The reasoning is it absorbs too much energy allowing gravity to overcome the push (outward force) of fusion.

Very few stars reach the point of creating iron, and then going into a core collapse, type-II supernova (a nova, without the super, and type-I supernova a related to white dwarf stars in a binary star system). Stars with a mass similar to the Sun will switch from hydrogen burning to helium burning, but not get beyond that. Without being several times heavier than the Sun, stars won't be able to burn the carbon & oxygen that is produced from helium burning. Stars that are unable to burn heavier elements will have the core plateau in temperature while fusion still goes on in outer layers, which shuts down convection and allows the heat produced in outer layers to expel gas out of gravitational confinement. You get a planetary nebula instead of a nova.

Thank you for that. I was hoping somebody would jump in and answer that.

They (documentaries) push the *novas, mention our Sun and the others of "it's class" as going Red Giant or planetary nebula in passing,
then back to the *novas; Making it sound (to me at least) as if our Sun and others of it's size were in the minority, not as sensational I guess.

Much appreciated.

Comment Another video from skycam (Score 2) 97

Someone mentioned caves below the structure and I think you can make one to two of them out.

3:30 minutes of video yet only 15 seconds being of any value.
Uriah Prost46 put it better than I could of in a reply to the video.

"+YouOriginal I'm with that guy^^ Who gives a fuck??.. and on top of that, it was the shittiest Quad-copter not "helicopter" footage I've seen.. This asshole took two minutes trying to figure out how to fly it.. then spend a whole of 20 secs in the hole and didn't even check anything out.. Then the ass wipe didn't edit out the bullshit on the end, i guess he had to go ask three engineers how to turn the camera off.." -Uriah Prost46

Comment We make $5 for each Android sold, (Score 1) 189

so were smiling each time one is sold :} or to that effect.

Archive for July 27th, 2011
The Microsoft/Android war: Which patents are at stake?

"You may already know Microsoft has forced five Android vendors to pay royalties each time they ship a device, and is suing Motorola and Barnes & Noble in cases that claim Android steals Microsoft intellectual property."

Describes nine patents Motorola allegedly infringes upon.
"Given that a deep-pocketed vendor like HTC already settled with Microsoft and is paying Redmond each time it sells an Android phone, it would seem Microsoft's lawyers can be quite convincing."

Googles' putting up it's own satellites and Microsoft is scrambling for a bit of the Android action, my how times have changed.
Microsoft invested in it's future through patents, being one of the larger patent trolls is an action befitting Microsoft.

Comment Kafkaesque (Score 1) 239

Marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity.

Usage: At one point, Judge Alsup dismissed the case. A federal appeals court reinstated it in 2012, more than a year after Alsup tossed it. A month before Ibrahim’s trial, the judge said he learned the Kafkaesque truth. “I feel that I have been had by the government,” he said in a November pretrial conference.

Comment Re:Taking it too far (Score 1) 84

Kinda like putting out every fire you see until the under brush is extensive enough for an inferno to wreak havoc over a vast area... like oh say the Yellowstone fires of 1988. .

You don't have to look back 26 years to find a massive forest fire from the forest management policies we practice. I think you could find some examples from last summer. Most every year now there have been massive fires somewhere in the American West.

"The Yellowstone fire of 1988 was when the error of practiced policy was first realized." What I was told and thought to be the truth, till today.

It was posting a reply to you I found it was just bad conclusion I was led to believe by the media at the time, who were blaming it on undergrowth left unattended, (among other causes) This wikipedia entry -
pretty much claims it was just bad situations coming together at the same time.

The media even got it's own section starting out : "Lack of understanding of wildfire management by the media led to some sensationalist reporting and inaccuracies."
(vindication :} )

Comment That's just perfect (Score 1) 1

I have a Samsung HDTV in route, reading the manual to be ready for it, I saw a lot of areas for abuse, Facial recognition, voice commands. and It's recommended to create a Facebook account as it would be easier for other accounts. Damn if they aren't going to data mine my TV; if they are "preparing" a new item to spy with and collect text, I'm sure it's already in place in other areas.

It gets worse, I bought it to be a monitor for my PC, and it has a web browser built in.

Comment Re:Taking it too far (Score 1) 84

This microsystem is an anomaly. Let it collapse as it eventually will. This kind of thing happens all the time in nature.

Same thing I thought, I'm so glad were there to intervene. The Moose have been their for mayhaps thousands of years, as have the wolfs; it's taken care of itself quite well with no help from any body, just nature.. I'm glad we can interfere to cause problems in other unforeseen areas.

Kinda like putting out every fire you see until the under brush is extensive enough for an inferno to wreak havoc over a vast area... like oh say the Yellowstone fires of 1988. .

Comment Re:Knowledge (Score 1) 141

The more i read stories like this, more i realize there is so much more I would like to know. Too many books not enough time lol...

They won't do you much good it appears. Often I watch "How the Universe Works" (first series) to put me to sleep;
while not a book, it's almost as good.

They drive home the point that as soon as a star starts producing iron it's toast, in that split second it goes nova.
The reasoning is it absorbs too much energy allowing gravity to overcome the push (outward force) of fusion.

But it's not just "How the Universe Works" it's any article on the Sun will tell you the same thing.

Finally figure you have a handle on something and some article like this comes along and changes the rules. So what do you believe? Honestly.
But The Bible isn't even in the running.

Submission + - Samsung preparing Context keylogger, spyware in upcoming Galaxy S phones 1

jmcbain writes: According to the technology blog The Verge, Samsung is preparing new smartphone software that acts as a keylogger and spyware in their future phones, like the upcoming Galaxy S 5. "Samsung has been developing a service called Context that would collect what a person types, what apps they use, and what data their phone's sensors pick up, and then allow developers to tap into that pool of data to enrich their apps." The article suggests a scenario where "by using Context a video service might be able to automatically display sports videos to someone who frequently searches for sports." Looks similar to the Google Now service, but still scary stuff in the age of the NSA.

Comment Re:One day.... (Score 1) 179

I can't help but laugh at all the people that will be trying to reuse the key shown to unlock their Photoshops.

CS2 has been effectively "free" since Adobe turned off the activation servers and gave away the keys.

Nope not so funny now. No I wasn't aware that CS2 is now "free" and keys available; have just always used CS2 and needed nothing else, so never followed up on it. -I also avoid news list, and product announcements.

Does explain why I wasn't able to connect to an activation server and had to take other means :}

Comment Re:OS/2 Warp Clone (Score 1) 179

I'm looking for help on an OS/2 Warp open source clone.

Comments, suggestions or hate mail is welcome. Even flaming is considered good feedback on the OS/2-eCS community :)

Alas I never could get OS/2 to install, had to set up a video camera and record the monitor while it was loading; then sneak up on the error frame by frame - was my video driver.

Being before public Internet access I was stuck. Doom was telling me to play it just one more time; and I lost interest.

OS/2 would be a very nice os to keep running, while never running it myself all around me were and was coming across as a much nicer OS than Windows was pushing.

Oh ya; I'm make a great Admin, lots of server commands I'd like to try out :}

I Wish you luck.

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