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Comment I've believed in the abominable snow man. (Score 0) 198

(now questioned)

I've believe something like the big foot or more importantly the abominable snow man for many years now.

Due to Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also known as the Andes flight disaster, in South America, this was a rugby team that crashed and survived close to two months, on a snow whipped mountain top.

The big deal about this crash is they had to eat the dead to live. The book (which I read) mentions two large "ape like creatures were that were "busy" in the route they were taking to get down so they diverted. They tried to wait them out but grew tired of waiting so circled around them. It sounded like they ("apes") were waiting for the survivor out of curiosity.

They might of of been called abominable snow men in the book but there was no real clue what they were other than very large, ape looking beings (given bears they could of been).

Comment I do this as EFF has asked before for others to it (Score 1) 184

I've seen 34 people (connections once), it all works fine until you can feel something odd, as which time I'll shut down my HotSpot, for a few days.

I do help many people (34 mayhaps) as it's always being used, and I noticed cars parked across the street or out of the way.

Yes I run a HotSpot as per EFF, yet will shut it down in a heart beat if it just feels funny (my connection).

Comment Re:title should be... (Score 1) 109

Do you have any idea how much a pill that cures baldness would be worth? After erectile dysfunction that's like the holy grail of the pharmaceutical industry

I think anti-balding would be more popular since it would improve the chances of getting the women to pay attention in the first place.

LOL, Balding says ones testosterone is very high. lots of hair, ones testosterone is very low. I guess it depends upon the woman's desires - neglecting the cars, house, the money used to light the fire place...

BTW I have long hair :}

Comment Re:title should be... (Score 1) 109

I think in medicine the "accidental" part is assumed.

There's a name for it, Serendipity, I think it was saccharin one person said to the other to test it, the other thought they said taste it. The rest is history serendipitously. Happens all the time.

Give a drug tested one condition and find the ones taking it don't smoke as much, a new track and quite the money maker.

The list is large.

Comment Re:Why are all of you so naive ? (Score 1) 251

any cell tower that's not in a location already know to the public

While I admit that I've never asked... do you think your average cell phone company will give you a list of geo-located towers they operate? ... as well as those of their partners who offer services which they piggy back on?

I thought I had many more book marked but is all I have in my list. If you access any of the cell phone areas of the UseNet you can get access to lots of links mainly for the height of the antenna so planes can miss the new ones (there is a height limit).

I seem to have more jammers (schematics) than anything else, most have been taken down.

Comment Re:Restaurants etc. (Score 1) 117

Why does your *mom* have a card to *your* bank account?

Was sure that was going to come up. My Mom was my Money Manager, it worked out very well she paid all my bills with my money and gave me an allowance each week.

When I took back control of my money, Bank of America asked if I wanted a Credit Card, I mentioned I don't trust myself with a credit card, I only purchase what I can afford. I got a credit card two weeks later.

Comment Re:Restaurants etc. (Score 1) 117

Why does your *mom* have a card to *your* bank account?

Was sure that was going to come up. My Mom was my Money Manager, it worked out very well she paid all my bills with my money and gave me an allowance each week. It worked as I mentioned very well for me. For some reason he had her savings account as part of my account. She's getting a bit (well a lot forgetful) when asked where to take the money from (in Mexico) she mentioned the wrong one account, and the end of me having a money manager.

Comment Perfect, doesn't even use IP6 (Score 1) 197

Not saying it's not possible but all of the cable modem they've put out that is IP6 compatable has it's IP6 disabled, I've feeling there are going to be a lot of accounts on one address (Nat) style.

Not that disappointed, using a HOSTS file and working with IP4 address I've a bit of sense about them, IP6 I couldn't tell you if I've seen it before or not, age does play a bit into this/

Comment Re:Should I put it out for bid on eBay? (Score 1) 146

I have TrueCrypt timestamped July 19, 2010 at 1:23:31PM

The latest I have is TrueCrypt Setup 7.1aWindows-2000-Win7.exe
with a time stamp of Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 3:10:47 PM Modified Sunday, July 07, 2013, 5:05:54 PM another one modified: Monday, May 21, 2012, 12:43:08 AM

I also have a version of Linux truecrypt-7.1a-linux-console-x64.tar and x86 Modified and created Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 3:10:40 AM
I had plans on going to Linux at the time.

I don't expect money for anything I have, if anybody wants (them) I'll upload em someplace until I get a nasty gram from NSA.

Comment Spam but I've a story (Score 1) 1

There has always been a hookah in our house for as long as I can remember. The thing is it was never used, my parents bought it in Turkey as a souvenir when I was 4.

To show how protected my Mom is from things like this; my Mom brought me back Ben Wa balls balls from her trip to China, they make a pleasant chime and vibration when they touch each other - she had no clue.

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