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Comment Re:The Canadian law doesn't apply to these (Score 3, Interesting) 145

That may be technically the case, but IBM, Oracle, and Sybase/SAP have all asked for permission to keep sending technical newsletters. No one wants to take a chance that some bozo is going to interpret a technical notice as being spam and laying charges accordingly.

What were simple mailing lists now require an authorization database to comply. In many cases companies are just going to shut down the lists rather than go to the expense/hassle of authorization databases or risking non-compliance claims.

On the bright side, it's nice to see US companies abiding by foreign laws for a change. For far too long they've gone with the attitude "we're on US soil, so we only have to follow US law", but now they're finally waking up to the fact that they have to follow the laws of every jurisdiction they do business in, or stop doing business there.

Comment Re:The whole point of a shell (Score 1) 176

The whole approach reminds me of a "graphical programming" tool for web interfaces that I used a few years back. While I was intrigued to try something new, I soon realized it was the slowest and clumsiest means of programming I had ever used, and just as prone to errors (though not syntax errors -- but those are but a small fraction of the mistakes programmers make, especially with any decent syntax highlighting editor.)

Comment Re:Sexism and racism (Score 1) 376

It's not about who has it harder. It's about the fact that it's supposed to be illegal to make hiring decisions based on race or sex and a host of other criteria, yet companies are encouraged to do precisely that -- so long as they discriminate against whites and men. If you can't recognize that as being an absurd situation, there's no hope for you ever being anything but a bigot.

Comment Re:Well that sucks! (Score 1) 484

Building the right antenna helps a lot for OTA TV:

I had to build one when the local PBS affiliate reduced their power output when the other stations went digital --- also location, had to run a cable upstairs and put the antenna behind the sofa (have to move it to the window when the weather is bad --- my wife won't let me hang it on the wall).

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