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Comment Graduated with honors. (Score 5, Insightful) 57

"That's what life is, just one learning experience after another, and when you're through with all the learning experiences you graduate and what you get for a diploma is, you die."

Thanks, Frederik, for learning so much in your time with us that you were able to teach, through your example, some of us how to write. Enjoy Heechee heaven, and if you ever figure out how their ships work, come back and see us sometime. (Thanks again. I just realized how the ships work. You pick up a book, you open it to page 1, and *poof*, you're there.)

Comment Was Java a good choice for the AP requirement? (Score 1) 67

I really find it a tedious stumbling block explaining to my kids all the ``public static void main'' stuff --- really wish that Oberon had made it instead. Niklaus Wirth at least has his manuals heading in the right direction (Pascal, hundreds of pages; Modula, a hundred or so, Oberon, dozens).

Comment Re:Silly me (Score 1) 459

I'm not being entirely tongue-in-cheek by any means. The abuse of the English language at the hands of so-called "University Grads" nowadays is absolutely atrocious. Granted, there have always been those who were good technically that could not write properly, but it seems to me the problem has been exacerbated by the advent of "text-speek." Where it used to be predominantly a problem of phrasing and grammar, now it's a question of whether actual words are even used.

What's next? Attaching a cat photo to your project proposal?

Comment Nokia took the lead with Symbian (Score 1) 535

And Symbian was developed NOT because the phone makers wanted their own OS but because they had seen what happened to PC makers when they became OEM's and didn't want to become MS slaves.

Nokia lead the move that was "anything but MS", now it has been silenced. You can Samsung now attempting to break itself free from Android by continuing development of MeeGo.

Comment Re:why should apple steal someone's work? (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Look, here's the simple fact: peer-to-peer communications for any protocol is not a "novel" idea. It's a normal, every-day thing a programmer or engineer considers as a means of preventing bottlenecks at a proxy or server.

Worse, the standards for SIP specifically set up peer-to-peer connections after the initial hand-shake, so every SIP stack is affected by this bullshit patent. In other words: virtually every IP phone on the planet, whether hardware or software based.

The US patent system is fundamentally and badly broken. Everyone knows that. But I'm rooting for Apple to spank the everliving shit out of these assholes.

Comment Re:You must be at that awkward age... (Score 1) 459

And the whiteboard in someone's office is a "huge" bonus for diagramming things, which can't be easily done via chat or emails.

Don't get me wrong -- if I just need to ask someone to do something simple, an email or a chat message will suffice.

But when there is any degree of discussion to be done with back-and-forth communications, nothing beats a conversation.

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