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Comment A shot in the foot? (Score 1) 545

I don't feel good about this. Whatever you think about Danowsky and his lawfirm, he actually did his job.
I don't like the idea that people wouldn't be able to find a lawyer, just because lawfirms wouldn't dare to be associated with Internet related stuff.
At first, I must admit I thought it was a great idea, though - I'm not a Danowsky fan...


Submission + - Last.Fm goes legal

tryfan writes: "Seems that CBS's buyout of Last.Fm has resulted in someting rather spectacular: yesterday a deal was announced that will make the Sony BMG's music catalogue legally available to Last.Fm listeners:

" strikes Sony music deal connects users who share the same music tastes
Fans of the Foo fighters, Kings of Leon or Natasha Bedingfield will soon be able to listen to their music through the social music site The service, bought in May for $280m (£140m) by CBS Corporation, has signed a deal with the Sony BMG record label. The partnership will give the web 2.0 service's 20 million users access to the entire Sony catalogue of music.""

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