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Comment Re:Health Data is owned by the Patient (Score 3, Informative) 99

A few years ago I was in the position of changing doctors and had a very hard time getting my data from my old doctor to the new. I had to constantly go after them to get copies. They kept putting it off and at one point said they owned the records since they prescribed any and everything medical for me. I explained that I owned my records, they may own the paper printed but the information is mine. I bought and paid for the tests and I paid the doctor to decide what tests needed to diagnose my problems and issues. I'm even paying them to keep my records safe by going to them all the time , being my primary care physician. As long as I am a customer of theirs they are happy with keeping my records on file and "lending" out as needed to doctors they refer me to but as soon as I said I was changing doctors (I moved and wanted a closer doctor then the 1.5 hour drive it would now take to get to my old one) they got all up in my face over my records.saying they owned them. After 3 months I finally got my records which really pushed me back 3 months on any medical diagnoses and treatments since the new doctor didn't want to start or stop anything the old doctor told me to do since he didn't have any facts of what my history was at the time. So now any tests I have done I make sure I get a copy for my own records and keep them in my safe at home.

Comment Re:But the cloud is so much better to use! (Score 1) 176

The point that I have issue with is that all the sites affected can only sit back and wait and hope that things get back to normal. I have had many times to wait for the cloud provider to fix an issue with no notification back to me that it was fixed or where the status of the fix was at. I like to own the equipment I use and when it breaks my people are on it and I can ask them what is going on and a time frame. Sure sometimes the time frame is off and sometimes they don't know what is going on but at least I wasn't just sitting back and waiting for a blog to get update to let me know what is happening. That's internal to my location, if you want to talk about external to the satellite locations, that's another story.

Comment Pay to return? or get a discount because of return (Score 1) 162

I wonder if they will charge for the waste disposal fee like they do with tires here in the USA. I buy a new tire and they bill me a dollar to dispose of it or the dollar they charge me to get rid of the oil when I do an oil change. OR will it be more like Best Buy where you bring in your stuff and they will tell you how much they will give you for it since you have to buy a new item, or will take it off your hands for free. Although they don't take back certain things.

Comment Re:A paper book or two paper books nothing special (Score 1) 126

I camp quite a bit and I don't travel light, I have 4 man tent of the 4 season type (yes I do camp in the middle of the winter), gas stoves that I use to cook for 4 people, 5 or 6 solar lights that I stake into the ground for night light (I have a kerosene lamp as back up), the usual tarps, ground cloth, clothing, gas heater buddy for winter camping (keeps the tent warm), gas heater for the shower (used a solar shower this is just better), although I did buy the 1 lb sleeping bag that is good to -20F, And I take a book or two with me. Camping with electronics is a pain. Waking up with morning dew all over a camera (and in it) or phone since it was left sitting out all night, or still on you for when you fall a sleep around the camp fire is not nice. Or when it rains or if there is a lot of fog in the air again not good for the device. It's really about having one less item to worry about keeping safe. I take several books on outdoor lore that I've had for years and some reading books with me.

The reading ones I sell back to a second market book re-seller which I then put towards my next book. http://www.hpb.com/ I actually sold them my Borders e-reader when I upgraded my android tablet to a 7" Polaroid which I carry with me all over the place (yes in addition to the paper back books that I still read) but I leave at home when I go camping. Also I have a Sylvania android tablet that I plan on getting rid of soon.

Now if my trip only involves me staying in hotels then that's something else I take my e-reader to do my e-mail and such. But for when I'm out in public I still use a paper book because getting mugged is not fun. If the devices cost 10 dollars and were as cheap to replace I wouldn't have a problem of showing my wares to everyone (and locked down for id safety purposes)

And e-readers still lack things. Things like sun light (although haven't tried the kindle) and the problem with falling asleep at night because of the back light affecting me. Also the whole dirty hands trying to make the pages turn, and not to mention keeping the thing clean from dirt and sand from the beach and so on. It's just easier to take a paper book.

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