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Comment Pay to return? or get a discount because of return (Score 1) 162

I wonder if they will charge for the waste disposal fee like they do with tires here in the USA. I buy a new tire and they bill me a dollar to dispose of it or the dollar they charge me to get rid of the oil when I do an oil change. OR will it be more like Best Buy where you bring in your stuff and they will tell you how much they will give you for it since you have to buy a new item, or will take it off your hands for free. Although they don't take back certain things.

Comment Re:A paper book or two paper books nothing special (Score 1) 126

I camp quite a bit and I don't travel light, I have 4 man tent of the 4 season type (yes I do camp in the middle of the winter), gas stoves that I use to cook for 4 people, 5 or 6 solar lights that I stake into the ground for night light (I have a kerosene lamp as back up), the usual tarps, ground cloth, clothing, gas heater buddy for winter camping (keeps the tent warm), gas heater for the shower (used a solar shower this is just better), although I did buy the 1 lb sleeping bag that is good to -20F, And I take a book or two with me. Camping with electronics is a pain. Waking up with morning dew all over a camera (and in it) or phone since it was left sitting out all night, or still on you for when you fall a sleep around the camp fire is not nice. Or when it rains or if there is a lot of fog in the air again not good for the device. It's really about having one less item to worry about keeping safe. I take several books on outdoor lore that I've had for years and some reading books with me.

The reading ones I sell back to a second market book re-seller which I then put towards my next book. I actually sold them my Borders e-reader when I upgraded my android tablet to a 7" Polaroid which I carry with me all over the place (yes in addition to the paper back books that I still read) but I leave at home when I go camping. Also I have a Sylvania android tablet that I plan on getting rid of soon.

Now if my trip only involves me staying in hotels then that's something else I take my e-reader to do my e-mail and such. But for when I'm out in public I still use a paper book because getting mugged is not fun. If the devices cost 10 dollars and were as cheap to replace I wouldn't have a problem of showing my wares to everyone (and locked down for id safety purposes)

And e-readers still lack things. Things like sun light (although haven't tried the kindle) and the problem with falling asleep at night because of the back light affecting me. Also the whole dirty hands trying to make the pages turn, and not to mention keeping the thing clean from dirt and sand from the beach and so on. It's just easier to take a paper book.

Comment A paper book or two paper books nothing special (Score 2) 126

If you are traveling you may just want to pick up a few paper books. Several reasons for this. 1) cost. Although some paper books can and do cost a lot if you pick something cheap it makes sense. 2)you don't have to worry about power 3) Stealing something valuable. Where ever you go you have to be on your guard since they see you have this high price item and will be thinking you got a lot of cash, time to liberate it for themselves. 4) Safety. See #3. If you have something nice and shiny, depending upon the people around you someone could follow you and want to take it way, putting you in harms way. Although as everyone knows it could just be something else they are looking at like your watch, cloths and so on. On trips I always try to look nondescript so no one thinks I got any cash or valuable stuff on me. In my car I got a lot of trash in the back seats so people think my car is crap and wouldn't want it.

Just my thoughts.

Comment Have you ever watched Parking Wars? (Score 1) 246

For those in the US we have a show on a cable channels A&E that has a show called Parking Wars.

They go up and down streets looking for people who are not following the law on how and where to park and also run checks on all the cars to see if any outstanding parking violation are on them. And how do they get the people to pay up? They put what is called a "Boot" on the car that makes it so they can not move the car from the spot.

Comment A & E TV Show shows how break into this things (Score 2) 646

Storage Wars on A&E here in the US shows how when they find safes in the lockers they in a lot of cases just throw them at the ground and pops them open. This is nothing new or special. If it was bolted down or was a very heavy duty type safe, that needs welding torches and drills having a 3 year old opening them with no tools would be int interesting. Although I understand the story and it is said that the makers of these safes don't tell people, or do they? I don't know what the documentation of the safes say.

sorry to say I can't find them opening up the smaller fire safes. They just toss them to the ground.

Comment Re:Time for a George Carlin Quote (Score 1) 525

Thank you for the information. Sure you can rent equipment but if you don't know how to use it or not very good building things with your hands you end up paying more for it than if you just pay someone to do it for you. They have the equipment and tools and know how already so in some cases it's better to just let them do it. Like I can build retainer walls but I can't do plumbing. I can put in light fixtures but as a kid I kept blowing fuses in the house with my electronic hobbies that I now can't bring myself to do it since I still hear my Mom yelling and can still fill her hitting me with a metal cooking spoon every time I'd blow the fuze box and that nice smell of ozone fills the house. That's one reason why I switched to programming less pain full child hood memories to came back and haunt me when I build something.

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