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Comment Re:I think I can I think I can (Score 5, Insightful) 1698

Doesn't sound like they will.

So this new bill leaves 4% uncovered - that's 4% of nearly 300 million people!

Whereas the healthcare systems of all other civilised nations leave no-one uncovered. Not even the tramps in the street.

NB UK NHS user here - Our system has its faults, but at least one of those isn't "Sorry, we can't give you that treatment because you can't afford just hurry up and die."


Comment Re:Gadgets not laptops (Score 1) 285

Certainly sufficient to do just about any task, but when you get used to having dual 1600x1200 displays for work, the lack of real estate definitely effects your productivity. It *can* be done, it takes getting used to, and it may cost you some time managing windows or workspaces. I wouldn't choose to do all of my work on a small screen, but like I said-- it's awesome that it will do the trick in a pinch.

Of course, just about all of us started on computers at 640x480 or less, so I suppose you could argue what all the hoopla is about!

Comment Re:We're looking to AUSTRALIA for advice on broadb (Score 1) 387

>>>Are you talking rural 'homes' or 'business'.

Which word did I use? That's right: "homes". Not farms or businesses. I wish people would learn to fucking READ what people write. Words means what words mean.

>>>If someone wants to go live in the country or retire there, why should I subsidize their broadband.

You shouldn't. Nor their electricity or phone. I've said that multiple time or many posts. - "I've heard the Greens/Environmentalists make the same argument - Stop subsidizing rural homes with cheap electricity and phone hookups (i.e. eliminate the Universal Service Fee)."

Comment Re:+1 why-didn't-I-see-that... (Score 1) 292

Well, to be fair, your main sin is not reading TFA. Which is a sin I myself am often guilty of, and might not have bothered in this case if the summary hadn't pushed my "huh?" button.

Do bear in mind when you read breathless articles about bad behavior in high places (Michelle Obama's excessive spending on sneakers, the famous drunken goldfish) is that a certain kind of right-wing pundit makes his living by stirring up outrage in the citizenry, and not worrying too much about how much of a scandal he's really seeing.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 401

I think you glossed over an important part, pierre. Nerds in the united states typically don't get laid until their 20's, sometimes later, while a typical high school provides your average jock with an atmosphere similar approaching a casting couch for a porno movie. This creates a level of angst that boils over in middle age. Then by the time they're able to score women with their 6-figure IT jobs, the women are what they call 'born again virgins' or have VD. We're a society that undervalues humanity.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 1) 389

My friend was making this point after his recent visit to the US.

Here in the UK, we have the 'Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974' which allows many offences to be stricken from one's criminal record after being 'spent' and one has served their sentence to the community.

It doesn't strike serious offences, or allow one to avoid declaring offences when applying for positions of responsibility to others (such as a train driver, teacher or nurse).

It does, however, mean that ex-cons can return to a nearly normal life once they have paid the legally-prescribed sentence for their crime(s).


Comment Re:Science (Score 1) 369

Just on the point of the other replies to your question, I too don't believe you're trolling. Anthropology and the history of human evolution interests me precisely because it's full of so many unknowns. The biggest question I have is what selective pressures our ancestors were under to develop large brains and dextrous hands, and subsequently to develop language. Others are interested in different aspects of the human story.

I would thoroughly recommend you pick up "The Ancestor's Tale" by Richard Dawkins. An excellent story, told in reverse order, of how current evolutionary theory sees mankind having descended from the primordial soup.


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