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Comment Re:Charge count (Score 1) 473

So if I steal 1000 candy bars from 1000 drugstores does that mean I should be executed? How about a habitual j-walker? I guess I should be impressed with your humanity that you aren't also advocating torture. Americans in general are such enthusiastic executioners. I'm sure the introduction of death via torture would be even more popular and put smiles on so many faces.

Stealing a candy bar isn't a felony. If you were somehow convicted of stealing 1000 candy bars from 1000 drugstores you would probably get community service x 1000, just as this creepy guy is being charged with 15 counts of computer intrusion and 15 counts of aggravated identity theft- because he (allegedly) did it 15 times. Are you suggesting that after committing a crime once you should get a free pass on all subsequent similar crimes?

I don't think anybody (except maybe the victims families) has suggested he should be executed.

Habitual jaywalkers are more likely to get run over than arrested.

Comment Re:They can reach everywhere (Score 1) 597

Except for a few things:
They have no re-entry capability.
They lack guidance is systems capable of hitting the intended target, unless your intended target is "anywhere on the continent (or nearby)". This answers your question.
The satellite they launched weighs 1/10th the weight of the average nuclear warhead.

See this article for more detailed info.

Comment Re:brain damage? (Score 2) 252

From TFA:

Her bones are that of a 10-year-old, her teeth are 6-years-old, her brain is less than a year old, Walker said.

If her brain age is any indicator, it seems the aging anomaly began earlier than 4 years old and the stroke/coma/tumor is not the cause of the lack of aging. It also seems that aging stopped at different times for different areas, not all at the same time.

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

They should mint the trillion dollar coin and put Ronald fucking Reagan's picture on it.

Would that be Ronald McDonald? Sounds like a weird fetish thing to me...

My idea for the coins- instead of one $1T coin, have 50 $20B coins, one for each state. On the front, a picture of each state's most senior Rep. or Senator, with the motto "This is partially my fault" and on the back a picture of the largest pork barrel project in each state.

By the way, today on Fox, one of the pundits said "Where are they going to find $1trillion in platinum?"

Wow. Even for Fox, wow. This actually hurts to read.

Comment Re:Nice! Wonder if the illegal settlements get it (Score 1) 157

That was then, this is now.

After the Second World War and the Nurenberg trials, a bunch of international lawyers (many of them Jewish, I'm proud to say) got together and wrote a set of international laws and agreements, including the Geneva conventions, which most countries signed, which would prevent acquisition of territory by force from ever happening again.

Just curious- does it specify any difference if the target of the attack manages to take land from the attacker (as in the case discussed here) vs the attacker taking land from the target? IANAL.

So now it violates international law. And Israel is violating international law.

What Israel's right-wing government is doing also violates basic intelligence. If you want your country to be safe and secure, don't make enemies of everybody in the world.

I think Israel's Arab neighbors disliked it well before Israel claimed this territory, and would continue to do so even if it was returned. Their dislike seems to stem from Israel existing in the first place. Israel seems to have fairly normal relations with the majority of countries in the world. Also, safety and security rarely result from just doing what's needed to be liked.

You saw how well that worked for Germany.

Hardly an apt comparison. Israel did not attack its neighbors in an attempt to take them over, resulting in two world wars. Israel was attacked by its neighbors, repulsed their attack, and took what they felt they needed to be secure. If their goal was acquisition of land it seems they could have taken much more.

Comment Re:Hope the saying isnt true.... (Score 0) 75

Iran has funded and controlled terrorists in Argentina, Israel, India, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Setting off bombs in another country, firing missiles randomly at another country's civilian population, and attacking military targets could all be considered acts of war, are far more serious attacks than a computer virus, and have been going on for far longer than Stuxnet has been around. If Stuxnet is the only payback Iran receives for what they've done, they're getting off very lightly.

Comment Re:How does this affect audiophiles? (Score 3, Funny) 238

The new high-end cables will come in two variants: a 'base' version using SmB6 costing merely twice as much as the current high end cable, and a 'high end' version using SmB7 to 'capture the extra bass' and 'significantly enhance the audio experience' or somesuch, and will only cost 4x as much as the current high end cable. Both variants will provide exactly the same sound quality as a generic $5 cable (or a $20 cable from Best Buy) to everyone except the person that paid for them.

Comment Re:Why I'm not having kids (Score 1) 567

When you're older, will you be able to talk to your "good careers", invite them over for the holidays, share times good and bad with them?

1. It's a fallacy to assume that if another person chooses not to have kids, then their career must be the most important thing in their life.

And since you know nothing about the GP, it makes you sound like an ass.

Except that the GP mentioned his career. And his house. Really, it's in the second sentence. And your ad hominem makes you sound like, well you already said it best.

2. You seem to imply that having children guarantees a functional family unit. Or that your adult children will want to spend time with you.

Or that you will even want to see them. There are no guarantees in life.

Well, I can guarantee that if you don't have children then no adult children will want to spend time with you. I never implied a functional family unit- I know several dysfunctional (to varying degrees) families that still communicate and meet. I know of very few parents who don't want to see their children- no guarantees, but I feel the odds are on my side here.

3. You're ignoring the differences in personality types. Some of us genuinely prefer solitude.

That's rather difficult to achieve when you're catering to a child's needs.

If one prefers solitude to that extent then I would be surprised if they were considering parenthood, firstly due to needing another person for at least the first step.

I didn't realize until after I had children how much I would have missed if I hadn't.

I'm very glad that you appreciate your children. Far too many grow up without that appreciation. But raising children is not for everyone... and those who recognize that before procreating should not feel pressured to choose otherwise. Raising children is not the only way to be happy in life - though most parents seem to feel otherwise.

Agreed- As much as I appreciate my children, I know people who should never ever have their own. I know people who have them who shouldn't have- their lives were a trainwreck before kids, and having kids in no way helped. My point with the post was to point out that they should consider the long term implications, not just the short term as their arguments implied.

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