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Comment Re:Why I'm not having kids (Score 1) 567

When you're older, will you be able to talk to your "good careers", invite them over for the holidays, share times good and bad with them? Nieces and nephews are great, but it's not the same. Yes they're a lot of work and effort, but the best things take work and effort. I didn't realize until after I had children how much I would have missed if I hadn't.

Comment Re:Accuracy (Score 1) 861

I think the 90% refers to interception attempts, not to the whole number of missiles launched. I read other articles which gave a lower percentage overall.

The article claims that Iron Dome won't fire if the rocket is going to hit in an unpopulated area. They're only intercepting the ones that will hit where people are. The assumption is that it would cost more to rebuild buildings than the cost of the interceptor. Of course the value of saving lives is immeasurable. Overall I would guess that the cost of the system is small compared to the overall military expense. If it is actually cheaper to launch than rebuild the target, this system is actually saving money. The entire operation is probably a sucking sound on the Israeli economy.

The flipside of the 90% interception rate is that Hamas could stop firing missiles altogether and only see their success rate go down by 10%.

Comment Re:Paging Lawrence Fishburn (Score 5, Funny) 267

Because it's too easy? It's like picking on a disabled kid- it would be easy, but it's just wrong to do.

Because it's too cheesy? Some movies approach the cheesiness boundary carefully, but don't get too close. This one seemed to leap over that line early in the movie, and just kept running for the fence.

But mostly:
Because one would have to admit having seen The Core?

Comment Re:Additional Assertions (Score 1) 805

I call BS until you produce Assange's Kenyan birth certificate!

Sources indicate that his zombie forces are closely allied with organized werewolf and vampire cadres who are planning a global coup intended to bring the Apocalyps

Oh please, this is just ridiculous- everyone knows that werewolves and vampires don't get along with each other!

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