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Comment Re:You missed the part about Amazons password rese (Score 1) 222

FWIW, it need not be a bogus card. You can buy a VISA gift card (paying cash and showing no ID), then on the gift card website enter the name and address of your victim. It is now a perfectly legit card in that person's name. I use VISA gift cards on Amazon all the time (in my own name). You could probably do quite a bit of identity theft or creating false personas, using such a method.

Comment Re:What I find most striking (Score 1) 358

The guy gets his home raided by SS-goons, sicced on him by Apple, and his first inclination is: Yay, let's go buy another Apple product!

That was my thought too.

What exactly does Apple have to do to before their users will stop buying their products? because apparently trying to destroy your life by having you thrown into a federal prison doesn't make the cut.

Given how hopelessly addicted their users are, I'm surprised Apple just doesn't design their computers to randomly explode, in order to boost sales. "Yeah my girlfriend lost three fingers this time, but at least the Apple Store was still open after I dropped her at the ER, so I was able to buy a new MacBook right away."

Comment Re:Apparently (Score 1) 232

A sufficiently massive projectile of sufficient velocity will result in a huge amount of momentum that needs to be conserved. You will either need
1) a very very massive ship,
2) powerful engines,
3) to shoot an identical projectile in the opposite direction, or
4) to live with the fact that you will propel yourself into a much higher orbit, or quite possibly out of orbit

Nuking has its advantages.

Comment Re:A sense of scale (Score 1) 542

The reason that mankind is unlikely to colonize space is that most alien technological civilizations in the galaxy will have already beaten us to it. People who talk about the scale of distance in interstellar travel often don't appreciate the scales of time that existing civilizations would have had to work with. Even at just 1% the speed of light, you can colonize the entire galaxy in less than 10 million years. That's nothing when you consider that another civilization could easily be up to a half-billion years older than us.

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