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Submission + - Scammer selling Wikipedia entries as Kindle ebooks (beyond-black-friday.com) 1

destinyland writes: A Kindle blogger has identified a supposed ebook "author" whose 887 different ebooks were all apparently cut-and-pasted directly from Wikipedia entries. The "WikiFocus" series targets obscure niches with few competing ebooks, like Hello Kitty, Aquaman, or the comic strip Archie. "Of the 887 ebooks, all but 10 earned terrible reviews, averaging one star or less," this article notes, "or received no reviews at all." A typical review? "This 'book' is just a word for word copy of the Wikipedia page." (And a least one other "author" has attempt the same trick, trying to pass off a Wikipedia page about Charlie Sheen as an $18.95 biography!)

Comment Re:Don't even have to build it yourself (Score 1) 394

I just installed Linux Mint Debian Edition and put Enlightenment as window manager. Now I'm running Eclipse and doing Android programming no bother on it though I'm using my phone rather than the emulator which was taking too long to start up.

But you'd be surprised what you can do with a 200 Euro laptop when you ditch the bloat of most modern desktop environment. I still have all the auto-mounting, wireless management, update manager etc.. through the systray gadget which loads all the gnome systray stuff and the ability to use nautilus or any other gnome app I want though Enlightenment does pretty much everything I need in 30MB or so of memory.

Gnome is pretty much unusable on Eeepc I have, the system monitor uses 25% CPU and I'm disappointed in how it is bloating. We need Gnome lite :P

Comment Re:EDDE (Score 1) 105

Substitute net for box and you have a much less likelihood of objects not being captured by being too small and you have a better choice of strong materials. Only problem then is velocity. Realistically though, this potential problem will only be tackled once its potential is realised (i.e accident costing millions or someone dies).

Comment Re:Bad choice of words. (Score 1) 169

Corporate lobbying is corrupt and industry lobbying. A corporation doesn't exist and is made up of individuals but the corporation cannot claim to represent those people without their consent. It is the same logic as union lobbying is corruption and both are. Individuals lobbying is not corrupt, organised group lobbying where the group has not got the consent to lobby on behalf of those people is corrupt and misrepresenting those peoples opinions who are usually the workers in the company or the members of the unions.

Comment Re:It's not that serious, really (Score 1) 169

Depends on the departments involved. Governments are well capable of speaking out both sides of their mouth. They are experts at it in fact. It could quite easily happen that the government would oppose it nationally and advocate it Internationally or make a national decision that informs the International position. Usually the government is viewed as a single hive mind but it is far too disorganised to be able to function like that.

Comment Re:Its China. (Score 1) 170

Then maybe China isn't the great opportunity they think it is and they need to reevaluate their plans. Really the only reason people pirate things is because they can't afford them. If the Chinese companies can't afford the product at western prices and western companies can't afford to reduce their prices to what the Chinese can pay then there is no market for the product regardless of whether they pirate it or not.

Comment Re:Its China. (Score 1) 170

Most of the time I read titles like this as "Turning Chinese into Westerners". Applying western values to a Chinese culture (especially business culture) and expecting it to stick is naive at best. Western companies need to adapt to Chinese way of doing things to operate in China.

Comment Your submitting personal info to a mass... (Score 1) 1

marketing machine. You don't really care about the privacy of your actions if you are doing such things. And Facebook never cared about privacy. If you enter your password incorrectly on the Android app (twice I think), it then puts it in plain text mode for password entry so you can see what you type.

Submission + - FB change from https 1

tmdc writes: How worried should users be about FB default switch away from https? Thanks

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