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Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 419

That study is pretty well broken it looks only at aggregate power generation. It assumes the ability to shift energy over long distances and between nation states with near perfect efficiency.

Base load is simple there are two clean methods hydro that's pretty much tapped out.and atomic. The solution has been staring us in the face for decades build more long life reactors of a standard design.

Comment 80's passive backplane industrial rises again (Score 1) 82

With a 8x pcie interface this sounds like most of the motherboard is on the card. You would be pressed to get storage IO and network IO though that interface forget memory. It's not going to handle many 40gb infiniband adapters or they will move onto the card. This sound alot like the old industrial single board computers of the 80's and 90's.

Comment CPU utilization, pc to pc, and Power not speed (Score 4, Informative) 144

USB3 is fairly fast as it is. It uses far to much CPU time right now as in pegging a cpu while writing 150MBs while the internal sata's on the same machine writing to the same model drive is 20%. The enhanced power is not part of the base standard so there is a chicken and the egg issue with anything using it it needs to be baked in. The USB3 spec allows for pc to pc connects but again it's not a requirement to support it so no OS supports it.

Comment Re:NEVER trust and AC (Score 1) 279

Because checking basic things before sending that sort of thing is hard? If your validating basic things before sending these automated replies your never going to hit these backlists. It's not 1989 anymore you can not just autoreply to every inbound message hell you should not have done it then either.

Comment Re:And with spam that is a real problem (Score 2) 279

L3 is pretty much reserved for networks that have been spewing ext ream amounts of spam and failed to do anything about it 250 ish are currently listed. Often the non technical guys in charge (also known as PHB's) are willing to ignore outbound spam from paying customers as it costs them nothing and makes them money. L3 is pretty much for those companies that ignore any and all outbound spam those with abuse@ sent to /dev/null as loosing there other customers is the only way to get them to act. As to ratio this AS is probably below 0.2% legit email that's a very low false positive rate even while implementing the most byzantine listing they can come up with.

Comment UCEprotect is spamtrap based (Score 4, Informative) 279

Stop sending spam, wait 7 days and your good. Your at level 3 your AS has been spewing spam for awhile and you have done NOTHING to fix it. As an ISP you should be checking all your IPs against all major spam lists and proactively dealing with spam. This will probably mean loosing customers. Some things to consider it's trivial to setup a relay server for your own mail servers outside your AS to keep outbound email going. Look into some technical means like transparent outbound spam filters, outbound port 25 syn rate limiting, or a plethora of other aids. Those clients will all claim it's triple opt in super secret they have everybody's dna on file, they are lies. Remember that spammers are at worst criminals at best have absolutely no morals in either event they have no compunction lying to you. Strengthen your TOS put BIG fines in there for repeated spamming wave them based on your gut and history. Often you need something to push legit companies to fix there issues.

All thing considered getting to l3 means your just ignoring the spam coming from your network. You need to get proactive and fix the root issue of spam spewing from your network. There are plenty of technical methods to avoid the 7 days block that are far cheaper then paying them. At the end of the day spend less energy railing about "blackmail" and more policing your network. If you do not, your facing the internet death penalty and the business needs to go under this is the internet working as intended.

Comment Re:You'd Think They'd Learn (Score 2) 733

Sure the pigeon shooters seems like a bunch of idiots. I support there right to be idiots with animals they own as long as it's not animal cruelty which it does not seem to be. I oppose people thinking it's OK to take video and photo's of an area with a presumption of privacy. I'm ok with them shooting it down but I also ok with shooting an apparently of age peeping tom.

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