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Comment Re:You'd Think They'd Learn (Score 2) 733

Sure the pigeon shooters seems like a bunch of idiots. I support there right to be idiots with animals they own as long as it's not animal cruelty which it does not seem to be. I oppose people thinking it's OK to take video and photo's of an area with a presumption of privacy. I'm ok with them shooting it down but I also ok with shooting an apparently of age peeping tom.

Comment Re:investigating pigeon shootings (Score 1) 733

OK so people want to go kill farm raised animals with shot guns? The problem is? It's an farm animal not even a wild so it's there property to do with as they please. The only thing that would seem to apply is animal cruelty and they sure as hell are not trying to wound them or cause them undue suffering or pain.

I may not like there idiotic "hunting" but it's little different than giving a guy a rifle and letting him shoot farm raised cows.

Comment Re:In that specific jurisdiction -German readers h (Score 3) 207

Probably not but the kid is. Big difference between a felony and a civil issue anyways. Even then the kid should be treated a lot differently than an adult in respect to the felony.

I'm a parent I believe in parental responsibilities at the same time I'm not the sue everybody sort. My son stole something once he was 2 and a half at the time, I noticed a couple minutes later brought him back into the store had him give it back and apologize. I do not think you need to get into litigation, police etc, this is part of growing up and being a parent. I think the thing people tend to forget is the parents need to be the ultimate authority as far as the child is concerned to do otherwise undermines there ability to parent. By the RIAA/MPAA definition reading a magazine in the store constitutes theft and you should pay 1000 times the real value to account for the people they did not catch and and the store should enforce this for them, check out lines would never be the same.

Comment Re:Continent-wide VOIP provider (Score 1) 231

Think that falls under did you actually get a business class SLA that's backed up by a deep pocket insurance company? Nope you got the cheap guy that works fine 99% of the time. I work primarily with the hosting industry and a decent subset of that is voip hosting the vast majority of these guys talk a good redundancy plan but fail to test it and/or execute it. Being that a huge chunk of the industry's costs are gear not people having to have n+1 gear and the tech to do site to site redundancy makes huge differences in bottom line.

Comment Re:Uh, surface area? (Score 1) 590

Hard roadblock if in full sun your looking at 1.4 ish kw/m2 a 747 has about 500m2 of wing. That same 747 needs 45mw of power while cruising or about 32k m2 and that's with perfect efficiency. You might be able to build a giant airplane that can get a small amount of stuff there slowly fairly useless. Your far better off make jet fuel from algae. The navy is looking at methods that are not necessarily energy efficient since they can use the reactors already on the carrier to power the system.

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