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Comment Re:Don't like it (Score 2) 475

I work at a power company. I will also attest that DST doesn't reduce power consumption. DST is based on the obsolete premise that the use of electrical power is lighting. That hasn't been true for decades- perhaps a century.

Comment Re:Face Blindness (Score 1) 118

I'm a mild case, so most people don't notice in day-to-day interactions. Your average Hollywood actress looks like a clone.

Every day I have a "Is that Bob?" moment walking past people I haven't met. I'm quite reserved in saying "hi" to people I'm not 90% sure I know. A lot of people think I'm a friendly stranger because I wave, then a few second later think "whoops, not who I thought that was" when their reaction doesn't match Bob's.I almost never greet by name- it's always generic "Hi there" type, to cover if my first guess is wrong.

Yes, it's purely visual. When watching a movie, my wife can spot actors and say "isn't he from movie yadda?". Especially with actresses that change hair color, they become a totally different person.

Now voices, those I get. Once an actor speaks, I can often peg where I've heard them before. When actors have heavy makeup, I can spot people before she can.

Smells? I try not to hang around people with any smell (good or bad) at all. :)

Posture, walking gate, height are things I do consciously use. Actually, I sometimes have a better shot at identifying people from behind, (i.e. walking ahead of me), because there's no face to cause confusion.

Glasses & beards are great for short term, but they change long term. For business meetings & groups, clothing is the way to go. Red shirt is Bob, white shirt is Fred. The next day I have to pick up again by voice and forget the clothing identifiers.

I can recognize faces, but it takes hard concentration- enough that I often have to tune out what people are saying. With a couple folks, if I put in the effort, I can learn the quirks in their faces. (Big nostrils, gap tooth, etc). For a group of 10 people - forget it. I won't even try. Smile & nod time.

Comment Face Blindness (Score 3, Interesting) 118

As someone with mild associative prosopagnosia (google for Face Blindness), I *really* want this. Way too many people look alike to me, and I miss out on a lot for the first half of most conversations. I have to avoid names and only talk about general, common topics until I figure out who the heck I'm talking to. With a VR system, I might be able to follow the plot of more movies, too!

From a technology angle, contacts simple can't work for this application. You can't read text that's not directory in the center of your view.
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