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Comment R3.0... (Score 1) 713

To equally charge 1.2 cents per mile driven for every vehicle regardless of weight, gas mileage or (when no gas is used - ie home-made bio-diesel, or even electric), or whether the vehicle was driven at all (towed, pulled on a trailer), is ridiculously stupid.

Factor in weight, gas-mileage (or no petroleum-based-fuel used at all), and whether or not the vehicle was actually driven, and maybe it might have a chance of being a proper replacement. Otherwise, all it is, is a tax on the middle and lower classes, leaving the rich or well-to-do with more money in their wallets or off-shore bank accounts.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 595

I'm not claiming that MS's server market share was anywhere near the desktop market share, however, due to the Linux (and other *NIXes) it's shrinking again...

I don't know that I've ever changed my mind about it being laughable to use Windows anything as a server OS... too many system resources devoted to running an unnecessary GUI and all the bru-ha-ha that came with it. Give me a pure server OS, with command line and no gui any day. I cut my teeth on CTIX in the mid 80s. It was Burrough's AT&T variant that ran on Motorola 68K series over CTOS. The system would boot CTOS first, then you turned a key to get it to start CTIX over CTOS... It was ugly, it was slow, but it ran circles around the PC market of the time, even with 4 or 5 users logged in simultaneously, all running different databases (Progress 4GL RDBMS) and reports / development...

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 2, Interesting) 595

Correct, however, since when do we allow the topic of the article to restrict commentary.

The poster that I responded to questioned the validity of OS X *and* Linux chipping away at Microsoft's market share.

While Linux based OS desktop marketshare may be minimal in the United States, there are many countries where it's gaining a lot of momentum, especially in the government arenas.

But in the server arena is where Linux based operating systems are really carving into Microsoft's market share.

Comment Re:You can't do that? (Score 1) 420

Each one of those scares only targeted one demographic / race / whatever, which was bad enough, and is a permanent blemish on the face of America.

Bush's illegal-under-the-constitution acts targeted Every American Citizen (well, I assume he has a personal "don't touch these people" list), and could warrant impeachment or possibly treason charges.

Comment It's absolutely possible... (Score 1, Interesting) 1123

If you've got the attitude and aptitude to do the job, as well as a desire to learn from your mistakes (or others'), then yes, you have a chance.

I've met too many technical people with degrees that weren't worth the paper it was printed on, not to say that there haven't been very bright and talented people with degrees as well. I guess I'd say that I mean that it's the person, not the degree or lack thereof that makes a good technical person, whether you choose to become a systems admin / engineer (definitions of these terms differ from region to region), network admin / engineer or some other facet of IT.

I started as a UNIX admin in high school, and never looked back. 24 years later, I'm pretty much where I want to be, designing new systems and solutions for a fortune 500, with no desire to *move up* into management.

Comment Re:Dragging on? (Score 1) 317

If you physically take an action that physically does some damage, then yes, that's a definite action - reaction.

If you say something, you have no control over how that person may respond to what is being said. (you may have an idea, but you really cannot tell).

That's the trouble with mental abuse, it leaves no visible (physical / tangible) marks that point to what / who caused them.

In this case there's clearly evidence showing that the woman taunted the girl, in an attempt to drive down her self worth. I'm guessing it was not her intent that the girl kill herself...

It's a real mess, and I don't envy the jury that has to decide this case...

Comment Re:Dragging on? (Score 1) 317

The way you describe it, all suicides essentially become murders then, (no I'm not defending this piece of filth's actions) as anyone who does this has some reason, caused by some thing, action, person, wording, whatever that drove them to it.

Person goes to casino, loses all their money, comes home, kills themselves... The casino is guilty of murder for taking their money.

Person goes to church, confesses to something terrible, the priest tells them they are worthless pieces of filth because they did x, person goes home, kills themselves, the priest is a murderer.

Yes, what the person did was abhorrent. But they did NOT kill the other person. They mentally / verbally (or is that textually) abused them.

Drill sergeants bring people down, make them feel worthless, lower than the worm that eats dog shit all day, every day, and yes, some soldier wannabes end up suiciding, yet the drill instructors aren't charged with murder, even though they drove the recruit to it.

Do I think this person should get off scott free? No. Do I think they should be charged with murder? No. Accessory to murder (where the person who killed themselves is the murderer and murderee both) - possibly. Child abuse, reckless endangerment, verbal and mental abuse... absolutely...

Where do you draw the line, where do we stop? I don't have a good answer. Personally, (based on emotional response) I want this woman dead, preferably through the most painful and longest lasting method possible. Is that the right way to think? probably not...

Just some thoughts...

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