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Comment Another dilettante solution (Score 1) 649

Hm, how many businesses has RS run? I'm talking real businesses, with 100+ employees, not just incorporated DBAs for the collection of patent money or consultant paychecks.

In that case, he should STFU.

The root cause of the TBTF issue was...the rating agencies. How, you say? The rating agencies were given the imprimatur of a government agency in legislation in the early 20th century - they were credited IN LAW as being 'the official' agencies worth using. This naturally meant that people treated them like government agencies, when in fact they were commercial businesses with all the tendencies toward greed and (when handed a government monopoly) indolence.

Eliminate them, and suddenly the market HAS to revert to actual capitalist economics: there IS no 'golden', unsullied source of ratings, and investors have to evaluate their investments or use someone they actually trust. Ultimately, the amounts risked are much more carefully invested (or, if not, lost WITHOUT recourse to government - ie taxpayer - assets).

Comment Re:Racism is a cause, (Score 5, Insightful) 474

Let's apply the "look at all the blacks in prison, it MUST be racism" logic another way:

What % of inmates are male? 90%? 95%?

CLEARLY, that's a result of sexism on the part of the arresting officers, judges, juries and the entire system are biased against men, because if they weren't, a majority of the prison population would be women, right?

Sounds stupid in that context doesn't it?

Ask yourself why.

Comment more challenging...practicality. (Score 2) 44

The biggest challenge is explaining who/how/why anyone would NEED a gesture-based interface.

Sure, we all thought Minority Report looked cool with the flying window-thingy, but honestly, Mr Cruise could have 'flipped through' his data far, far more easily sitting at a desk with trivial motions of a mouse instead of giant arm-wavings and calisthenics.

Plus, then he'd get to SIT, which is a little more conducive to surviving the 10+ hour days most of us spend staring at a little computer screen.

Comment Re:NB4 too much regulation (Score 1) 470

Sorry, I meant to "the people that matter".

It might sound callous, and it is: if you're living in the street, begging handouts, you're a great big human parasite. If you breed - and considering that the odds are mightily stacked that your child will be at best another ward of the state, at worst an actual predator - your contribution is significantly negative.

"There but for the grace of God go I" doesn't change that basic fact, it just personalizes the issue, so the self-interested of us want social safety nets 'just in case' they end up there.

Comment Re:NB4 too much regulation (Score 1) 470


In the first place, if you think the US is 'free-market capitalism' you're lying either to yourself or everyone else.

Free markets lead to fraud and monopolies/collusion.
Government-controlled systems ALSO lead to fraud and collusion, while delivering far worse results to the average consumer.

Neither system is perfect. On the whole, Capitalism has a far-better track record for delivering a higher standard of living to the people generally.

(Personally, the problem here is a complete lack of penalty; Joe Trader commits fraud, he gets fired and bank has to pay a trivial penalty. Joe might even get thrown to the wolves. At WORST, the bank/institution closes and the corporate management all just shift jobs to some other company.
We need draconian penalties to restore trust in the system.)

Comment Hm, really? (Score 2) 263

Think of the impact this would have, if many of the data-recording points for temperature were slowly surrounded by urbanization or in the 'heat shadow' of urban areas?

He makes a compelling case, the refutation of which has been on the order of "of course they considered this, they're experts"...when there's no trace of such analysis or correction applied to East Anglia conclusions or IPCC reports through at least 2005 (after which I stopped bothering to read them).

Comment Wait, WHICH Hagia Sophia are we talking about? (Score 5, Funny) 514

I'd love it if Lego replied:

  "We're not portraying the revered Hagia Sophia mosque of Istanbul (which, btw ISN'T EVEN A MOSQUE since it was secularized in 1931), we're portraying the Hagia Sophia CHURCH, the most holy church in Christendom until it was conquered by 'the religion of peace' in 1453."

What's "whiny bitch" in Byzantine?

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 1) 231

"that's actually sometimes a bit harder than you may be used to."
That's what she said.

No, seriously though - a couple of friends of mine who are gay say they avoid this crap like the plague because what might ostensibly start as something well-intentioned often just ends up being queer-chat-line-hookup-central.

They've both said to me (entirely separately, they don't know each other) that they're frankly sick of the 'homofication' of everything. If they game, they game and don't really care to 'carry the banner of queer society' over everything they do. If someone says "that's gay" or "you fag" they understand that for at least the last 10 years it hasn't actually even meant that you engage in homosexual activity (cf. South Park).

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