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Comment Re:The Blame Game (Score 1) 1532

Convenient, in that you phrase 'spend like a drunken sailor heedless of the funds taken in' as "...continue federal funding as required."

Yes, it's the Republicans "fault" in the same sense that we all hate the guy who eventually says "um, don't we eventually have to pay for this?"....

Perhaps you could concede that the House - which is rather more democratically representative than the Senate (although in point of fact NEITHER is much of democratic institution any more) - ALSO has a mandate to pursue an agenda desired by their majority of constituents? Or is it only Democratic constituents that get a voice in Congress?

Comment Re:Disgusted at humans :-( (Score 1) 187

And this is precisely the sort of preciously absurd statement that would make me agree with you.

Why would you assume humans are special? We're naked apes that have learned some clever tricks with tools so we can build Lamborghinis and rocket ships.

Aside from that, our behaviors aren't demonstrably different. EVERY SPECIES THAT EVER EXISTED breeds to overpopulation, if possible. Every one will cheerfully out-compete and annihilate neighboring competitor or prey species without a second glance. Alligators don't politely consider the rarity of the creature they're about to eat. Lions cheerfully murder hyenas.

Personally, I find environmentalists the most ethnocentric people around: they assume that humans are somehow capable of being more than the animals we are, on the basis of no visible evidence.

Comment If you're surprised, you're just an idiot. (Score 1) 513

I mean really:

1) share every piece of your life online - your friendships, your travel details, photos.
2) live an entirely-connected life for the convenience; use credit cards everywhere, let everything store your data for you "because it's easier than logging in each time", hell, even put your FINGERPRINTS in your phone
3) campaign for an all-encompassing nanny state that takes care of your every need, cradle to grave. If you stub your toe, Mommy USA will make sure you're ok. Make a stupid choice like have a baby at 16? No consequences, we'll make sure everything is fine for you.
4) Be totally surprised that 3 looks at 2 & 1.

Unbelievable, people. Really.

Comment Good luck (Score 1) 112

I sincerely hope it's successful. Chris Roberts has a reasonably awesome game-CV behind him (Wing Commander, Strike Commander, etc). I believe he can do it.


While the ongoing waterfall of funding comes in, one of the things Kickstarter projects to is 'stretch goals' - funding hits a big benchmark, some new thing will be added to the scope of the project.

That makes it hard right now to discern whether the 'stretch goals' are reasonable, or a sign of nascent project bloat. I'm reminded of many venture-cap-funded developments in the dotcom days, and projects that suffered not from a lack of funding, but a surfeit: there was no incentive on focusing on a reasonably-achievable project and do it right, to completion, full stop. Everytime a wave of new funding came in, projects' goals would be raised, a host of new features would be projected, and the only thing growing faster than the funding were the aspirations.

So for me the jury's out. I certainly won't wager, er 'invest' in the Kickstarter. If it comes, I'll certainly buy it. But I'm not just paying to see the Egress, either.

Comment Re:How about this? (Score 4, Insightful) 228

One million percent agree.

It's an "open" festival for the most "open minded" of counter culture crusaders...who end up forming their own elitist clique of snobbery, grossly ridiculing and excoriating newbs pretty much for "being new" and whose experimentalist outlook really pretty much ends up with smoking weed, not bathing, and convincing women that showing us their tits is "freedom of expression", not simply indulging adolescent male impulses.

Comment Re:Then let the countries decide (Score 1) 162

First, it's not a "defense" or justification. My point is that "not being snooped-upon" is not a credible option in 2013. SOMEONE - usually multiple someones - will be snooping on everything you do. In many cases it's corporate, and in some it's government(s). Some people misunderstand, and compare what's happening vs some utopian ideal of what they think "should be". This is misleading; our choices aren't about the "best" alternative, they're about the least-worst.

Second, I entirely disagree with you: every one of my Chinese friends (granted, they're all studying in the US) says that they would MUCH rather have the US spying on them because there's at least a reasonable certainty that the US will work aggressively to PREVENT Chinese spying, and this is a pure good from their point of view. In fact, having grown up in China, they're far more blase about the concept of privacy in the first place, which (today) is probably a healthier viewpoint to have anyway.

Comment Personally (Score 0) 112

Is anyone surprised? I see the ISS as only slightly less a political "creature of malignant compromises" than the abysmal shuttle was (and is a direct result of many of those, mind you). A "space station" at 230 miles is about as permanent as floating a buoy 25' from shore; it's practically disposable and should have been expected to be so.

Comment Young men impersonate cops to buy GTA V, arrested (Score 4, Funny) 396

"Young Staten Island men impersonate police officers to skip line to buy Grand Theft Auto V
Kirolos Abdel Sayed, 19, Matthew Kirshen, 20, and Frank Santanastoso, 19, drove to the Staten Island Mall in what appeared to be an unmarked car complete with lights and sirens only to have their fun ended by real police officers."

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