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Comment Re:Attacking the short poll in the tent (Score 1) 664

to add to this, I can't seem to find a way to deauthorize a computer remotely

There's an option in the iTunes Music Store Account settings to deauthorise all the computers you have authorised. I had to do this recently - says :

Authorize and Deauthorize : Purchases you make from the iTunes Store can be played on up to five computers that you authorize using your iTunes Store account name and password. To authorize or deauthorize a single computer, choose Authorize Computer or Deauthorize Computer from the Store menu. If all 5 authorizations are being used, you can deauthorize all your computers at one time by choosing View My Account from the Store menu and selecting Deauthorize All.

Doesn't stop your problem when you get past five machines, but really who is actively using that many machines to manage their music?

The Internet

Submission + - Internet jihad begins?

dbreeze writes: According to "Osama bin Ladens followers announced Monday, Oct. 29, the launching of Electronic Jihad. On Sunday, Nov. 11, al Qaedas electronic experts will start attacking Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites. On Day One, they will test their skills against 15 targeted sites and expand the operation from day to day thereafter until hundreds of thousands of Islamist hackers are in action against untold numbers of anti-Muslim sites." "The electronic war they have declared could cause considerable trouble on the worlds Internet." Better get your downloading done.

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