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Comment Re:Why *partial* caps?!?!?! (Score 1) 325

I'm guessing their current ad campaign on smartphones blasting all their competitors and lauding themselves as being the last truly unlimited phone plan has something to do with it. Advertising unlimited one month and take it away the next seems to be one of those bait 'n' switch tactics that attract regulator's attention.

Comment Re:Not why many people use folders (Score 1) 434

"The study suggests to me that people just aren't fluent in using their e-mail applications."

Did you actually read the study? Everyone was using the same email client, and had been doing so for quite a while, and the sample only included people who'd used all retrieval features at least once.

Of course, we don't know whether bluemail is better at one kind of use vs the other. Except for this study...

Comment Re:Including Benifits (Score 1) 382

Which is why the study looks at total compensation instead of just salaries:

Because the contractor billing rates published by GSA include not only salaries but also other costs including benefits contractors provide their employees,[66] POGO added OPMâ(TM)s 36.25 percent benefit rate to federal employee salaries[67] and BLSâ(TM)s 33.5 percent loading to private sector employee salaries to reflect the full fringe benefit package paid to full-time employees in service-providing organizations that employ 500 or more workers.

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