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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 203

I always like it when at the scene of an accident, the officer is asking "What happened here?" and the driver is saying "I don't know ... all of a sudden, this car just appeared ..."

Huh? You're piloting a ton or more of steel at 60km/h, and you don't know? Did it ever occur that you might want to know what's going on around you?

Comment Re:Hard to find though... (Score 1) 875

What about NEWDOS/80 v2?

Or LDOS? ... I can feel myself fading into the sands of time with this stuff. Man, I used to waste vast tracts of time using Kim Watt's Super Utility Plus to copy sectors of failing 180kb/side DSDD 40-track 5.25" floppies to a fresh disk...

OK, I'm going to go drown my nostalgia is some Scotch that's half as old as my TRS-80.

Comment Re:who was the programmer? (Score 1) 314

Didn't Palm outsource all of its coding to India?

In which case, there may or may not be the capability of wasting work time to read Slashdot like I'm doing. From what I hear, most of the programming facilities there are pretty restrictive of web access. I suppose the coders might access Slashdot from home, but ...

Comment Demographics (Score 1) 575

I looked at reports for three sites for which I have analytics access.

Here're the results. IE: 53%, 58%, 71%, Firefox: 29%, 27%, 19%, Safari: 13%, 9%, 4%

One of the sites is for commercial vehicles. One is for motorcycle gear. The other is an alternative wedding site.

I see a lot of likely demographic differences. All of this is supposition, with no studies to back it up, so take it with a small mountain of rock salt.
There's likely an age difference among those sites. I'd guess that two of the sites skew older than the other. There is also a likely difference in income: one being primarily people with disposable income, one for people with less disposable income, and one being primarily small to medium business owners. There's likely a gender gap among visitors to these sites: one of the sites is probably 75% women, the other two sites probably have 85+% men.

Given those assumptions, I'd argue that young, affluent women are more likely to upgrade their browsers than older small-business owners.
In other news, I'm beginning to think water tends to be wet at room temperature, and ice is not very warm relative to fresh waffles.

Comment Totally bogus (Score 1, Interesting) 325

First off, it's not even rumor-mongering -- it's some hack making shit up to increase his pageviews.

Secondly, it's a stupid idea.

Thirdly, it ain't gonna happen.

Fourthly, everyone expects Apple to buy everything (Sony, Nintendo, Be, Sun, Palm, ...) and they generally don't.

Fifthly, who cares? Twitter's already over. The "cool" people have moved on to hype other new stuff (remember Blogs? remember Podcasts?)

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