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Comment Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score 1) 665

Or said plugins don't even exist (I mean, same code, same author) and the problem never has a chance to manifest itself in Chrome. In my experience plugin management, or lack thereof, by ignorant users is one big problem compounded by a-hole companies installing plugins that have major performance ramifications (not of the positive kind) without even asking -- "Skype anyone?". Then again, some people don't know any better so it goes back to the ignorant part.

Yes, Firefox did fall behind the curve but that was with the 3.6.x branch. I don't find arguments of "Chrome is faster" to hold up to scrutiny, just do a search on the topic and be objective about what's being divulged.

And if you ever find yourself tethering, Firefox for many years has been the only major browser that supported HTTP pipelining, something that's been part of the HTTP/1.1 specification since 1999... yet Chrome just got or is just getting around to it (I knew it was recently added in the Chromium channel). While I applaud Google with the SPDY extensions, the HTTP servers you speak to with Chrome have to explicitly support the SPDY extensions, i.e. there's still a LOT of web servers out there that do not do SPDY. HTTP/Pipelining on the other hand has been in place for forever and it is not a question of web server operators have to update their existing web servers for end users to benefit. If you are on a higher latency connection, HTTP/Pipelining can make a *BIG* difference.

Finally, if you use Akamai (Content Distribution Network) to delivery of web content to your customers, Akamai funnels traffic to your web servers via HTTP/Pipelining for performance gains which cannot be classified as "minor". Our TCP connection count dropped to 1/10th of what it used to be. I've been using HTTP/Pipelining in Firefox since 2004.

Comment One word - GAMES (Score 1) 1880

Even the only version of *NIX successful with consumers en masse, i.e., Mac OS X, is mediocre at gaming. (typing this up on my Mac).

And the other reason - Windows Media Center. Using the XBox360 as a media extender to watch things I've recorded with Windows 7 is very nice. Sorry, not interested in screwing around with MythTV et al.

Comment MS always follows, never leads (Score -1, Troll) 262

I saw Skype character (executive) singing the praises of MS acquiring them and extolling the synergies because both Skype and MS innovated, blah, blah, blah. It was at that point I stopped the video, he had nothing meaningful to say. It was just rhetoric. MS hasn't innovated in 20 years. Windows 7 is good (whatever Mac OS X/LINUX people, it's great for gaming) but MS has drawn its revenues from product lines that are now decades old. That is not innovation.

Arguably one could give MS a point for the XBox360. However a gaming console isn't innovating. On a tangent they can be awarded points for XBox Live which is more robust for multi-player gaming and has engendered strong communities. Sony's PSN isn't as strong, something you'll consistently hear from many people, including those who cover the video game industry, e.g.,

There tends to be a lot of fanboy hatred against MS but the reasons people cite are generally crap. I live in Seattle and many tech people I've talked agree that MS' biggest problem is the person at the top - Steve Ballmer. He has no vision whatsoever and at best is a chief operating officer.

Ballmer can't even hire someone to find new locations for retail fronts... so what does he do, he opens stores by Apple's . Microsoft erected a big(ger) store just a few doors down from Apple's in one of the malls in the Seattle area (Bellevue Square). MS couldn't even pick some other part of the mall, it had to be close to Apple's. Wow, just wow.

We all know who the omega is here.


Comment I haven't had cable in 2+ years (Score 1) 697

I stream lots of content off the Net. Beyond that, I have Windows 7 on a desktop with an HDTV tuner card and over the air antenna and record lots of content with it. I then watch the recorded content on my HDTV by way of the Windows Media Center extension capabilities of the XBox360. (Aside: Spare me fanboy stuff) If you have an iDevice, check out RemotePotato. You can control what Windows Media Center records and stream videos to your iDevice when you're afar from home. With Netflix (streaming + discs), Hulu+ and recording shows over the air, it's difficult to keep up with all the content choices afforded to me. You might consider also using PlayOn which allows you to view Hulu content on your HDTV by way of the gaming consoles which can act as DLNA clients.

Comment Re:That's just as wrong as mono (Score 4, Informative) 172

The irony is that if open source people didn't have a target to emulate, there's tons of things that would have never been written since a baseline and mindshare in the overall tech market wouldn't have existed:

lex = flex
yacc = bison
sh = bash
vi = vim

To name just a few.

So your complaint about "proprietary" falls on deaf ears. If nothing else, what you call proprietary seeds things.

Comment Who said life is fair (Score 1) 706

Take the 7 year old boy that was executed by the Taliban in Afghanistan some weeks ago for being a "spy". The mere fact that we're in America lulls us into thinking of "entitlement". We wind up taking for granted the things we do have vs. the things we don't.

As Cheryl Crow sang, "It's wanting what you've got." What you are eluding to is social engineering by the government ("forced" - your word not mine) which doesn't work. Go join the Taliban.

Comment Re:Not just Google (Score 1) 543

This isn't shocking. IT is not a career based on soft skills. When you're early in your IT career you don't think about it much but the day will come where it can become a problem if your career isn't switched to "soft skills" (aka management). IT is about what you've done in the last year and/or whether your chosen skills continue to be pertinent in the IT marketplace. When was the last time you saw a posting for say Microsoft's COM? Was all the rage in say 1996. As individuals get married and have kids their ability to keep up with what's "vogue" goes south. It's just a fact of life. All you 25 somethings might say "It will never happen to me, I'll keep up with 'X' forever!" but to quote the late John Lennon of "The Beatles" fame, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

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