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Journal Journal: Send SCO a cease and desist letter!!!

If you have contributed to a linux kernel, 2.4.19, or higher, I suggest you send this letter to SCO.

You can e-mail it, you can print it out and mail it, whatever.

SCO is in violation of the GPL, in regards to 2.4.19 and higher? Why do I say that?

Because they no longer distribute the source. I've made a request that they issue the source to me, but I don't believe that they will.

They still provide binaries, however. This is, in my mind, a simple, cut and dry problem on their part.

They need to stop providing linux, completely. Otherwise, they are in violation of the GPL.

And even if they beat the GPL in court, then they are in violation of copyright.

Close and Shut, people. You can easily stop this licensing scheme. Use the power of slashdot. Anyone who has ever submitted even the tiniest patch to the kernel.

The SCO Group
355 South 520 West
Suite 100
Lindon, Utah 84042 USA
801-765-4999 phone
801-765-1313 fax
ATTN:Chris Sontag, Senior VP and General Manager, SCOSource

Re: Infringements of Linux Kernel Copyrights

Mr. Sontag:

                    As you are no doubt aware, the Linux Kernel is distributed under the GPL. The Linux Kernel is not, and has never been, public domain. The GPL provides certain distribution rights, assuming one remains in compliance with it. If distributor does not maintain GPL complaince, or the GPL itself is rendered void, the original authors retain all rights. These rights are protected by copyright.

                    I have recently learned that your company, SCO (formerly Caldera) is attempting to sublicense portions of the Linux Kernel under an non-GPL compatible license. As you may not be aware, the GPL specifically precludes any distributor from sublicensing any code that has been distributed under its terms. As a reminder:

4. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Program except as expressly provided under this License. Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the Program is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance.

                    Based upon the foregoing, I hereby demand that you cease and desist from distributing the Linux Kernel, and from selling licenses to the Linux Kernel, and that you confirm to me in writing within ten days of receipt of this notice that you have removed all infringing materials from your site and that you will refrain from distributing any Linux product until you have accepted the terms of the GPL in full.

                    No portion of this notice should be interpreted as granting any distribution rights for the Linux Kernel outside those granted by the GPL.

Very truly yours,
(insert name here)


Journal Journal: Lwared lives! 1

Well, it turns out that Lwared hasn't worked since the early 2.0 kernels, ouch. Just got permission from the original authors to continue development, and will be releasing lwared-0.95-jo1 soon. Builds without a warning now, but still some issues with functionality... it's unable to recognize an interface's IPX addr. I have no explanation, as well as I can read the C code, it's not even trying, maybe I got ahold of a broken beta? Will have to check some of the pre 0.95 code to be sure.

Beginning to do prelimnary research on a VIP protocol stack for linux. (Banyan VINES, for those wondering). It won't be easy, I'm not that great of a programmer. Looks like I'm on my own though, no one else would even be interested.

Some friends and I are finally launching Society for the preservation of assembly language programming. Text book quality tutorials on asm for just about any cpu you can name, is our goal. At the moment, we have an intro to asm, and several 65xx chapters. Look forward to books on the z80, pic microcontroller, and motorola 68k before the end of the year. Contact us if you can help!

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Journal Journal: Unemployment still sucks.

Managed to hack the ipx utils and lwared enough to compile on 2.4.x. Mostly just incorrect includes, they must have switched alot around from 2.2 to 2.4. So I get the daemons to compile, and no segfaulting even... and still can't get the damn things to run right. When finished though, my home uberserver will be able to broadcast reboot messages via samba, netware's nsend, appletalk broadcast, and even pitou's onscreen messaging feature. Gotta get around to installing SNA on the thing too, but decnet didn't work very well, and I really want to get that working first.

Still need to work on PAMizing slackware, and getting my uberdirectory built... local accounts suck ass when you have close to 50 active boxen.

Of course, when I am employed, with the jobs I usually have, I'm given no credit whatsoever. Maybe I don't deserve any.

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Journal Journal: Journal entry, Febuary 4, 2002

Discovered there is such a thing as a journal. Wow. Got mis-moderated by a troupe of chimpanzees masquerading as slashdot readers. Some idiot accused me of cutting and pasting a list of OS's I claimed to use. Haha. The list would have been twice as big, had I been able to remember them all. Must find work, unemployment about to run out. Very uncool.

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