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Comment Q: How many cameras is too many to watch? (Score 2) 161

I assume we are beyond the point that anyone can pro-actively watch all available cameras in real time (unless automation is much better than I would guess).

So, that moves us away from a priori prevention to simply making a posteriori investigation easier, no?

In other words, yes, you are being "recorded" a lot, but not being "watched". Get over yourself.

Comment Re:Circular logic (Score 1) 331

The most effective way I've noticed to be promoted in IT is to be incompetant at IT, then you spend all your time appearing to be doing something, and you seek the paperwork tasks involving lots of emailing and nagging, and checking off what is done and not done. You always appear more concientious than the guy who ignores emails for an hour so they can code.

Somebody has to do all that stuff. I'd rather deal with tech than administrative stuff and scheduling; that's why I went into the field. As far as the "worth" of such activities, I cannot comment on the supply versus demand, but it's a role somebody has to fill. Hopefully they know enough about tech to not suck at it too much.

I'm hesitant to knock that role in general. Some do it well and some suck at it, just like coders and anything else. The problem is that bad managers spread the bad-ness wider than individual flunkies.

Comment Re:Slashdot just jumped the shark (Score 1) 162

If your premise was true, then the 'real geeks' (RG) mostly likely went somewhere else, since RG are not likely to just drop off the face of the e-Earth. Your theory would thus carry more weight if you identified this alternative(s) destinations for RG.

I suppose the alternative is that /. has grown larger than the total RG population, and now are too much a minority to affect mods "properly".

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