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Comment Plug for a good Bitcoin VPS provider -- BTCVPS.NET (Score 1) 375

Just wanted to add that I am a fan of

They are a relatively new VPS operation but they have knowledgeable admins available in their IRC support channel at all hours of the day. The servers have been fairly reliable as they are hosted in very solid datacenters.

If you have a need for a VPS where you can pay pseuodononymously using Bitcoin, they seem to be one of the easiest to work with.


Comment Re:Joke's on them. (Score 3, Interesting) 247

The mining difficulty has been dropping in relation to the number of miners that have been leaving the network. This is exactly how the system was designed, and it's a good thing, because now I'm making more coins than I was before. :-)

Lots of folks have mining hardware that was paid off in the $30 days and now they still run for free at work or wherever. Not everyone is paying for electricity.

Comment You laugh, and we profit. (Score 1, Interesting) 247

Eh, you geeks may scoff but some of us are pulling in 20-30% profits *PER DAY* trading these "silly" Bitcoins.

It really is the ultimate geek fantasy project: a completely open ended, sky-is-the-limit, world political structure changing, disruptive open source software technology.

Anyone that hates without backing it up is just trying to feed you disinformation. Bitcoin directly challenges TPTB because it puts trading power back in the hands of the people.

Comment Oracle is like this (Score 1) 106

I worked at Oracle's large (at the time) flagship datacenter in Texas. The guards there were all armed inside of the building, which was protected by embassy-grade security. I only lasted a few months because the environment was so horribly repressive. I did *not* appreciate having my eye scanned or feeling like I was being watched (by armed guards) all of the day.

Thank goodness I found better. :-)

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