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Comment Re:Pedophiles no worse than others (Score 0) 224

Pedophiles are no worse than rapists, murderers and other criminals that cause physical harm to others.

Actually, they are. A murderer does not create a new murderer with his victim. Someone who shoots someone else in a spree might create PTSD, but generally does not fundamentally alter the person they harm. Pedophiles, when they act on their desires to rape children, do it generally more than once, and leave behind a train wreck of a person that will take decades to get over the trauma, if they ever do.

With murderers, the crime ends with the act. With child abuse, the crime frequently self-perpetuates in the victim.

And the most idiotic aspect of registering sex offenders is we just lump everyone together.

That's undeniably the worst aspect of current sex offender lists.

Personally, I was hoping that Google ushers in a whole new sense of what people are like: we're all sinners, we have all broken rules, and the only thing that matters is whether we persist in those crimes, and what those crimes EXACTLY where. Instead, people persist in hiding issues, going to great lengths to not face their own past or stop judging others.

Comment There are too many damn phones! (Score 1) 154

There are dozens phones, each with one minuscule feature that sets it apart from the rest. The market is saturated. Verizon's website shows 31 different smartphones and most of those will roll off and be replaced within a year. And, judging by the pricing, they apparently can't even give the Motorolas away.

Comment Re:Vertical Resolution (Score 2) 304

So rotate your monitor already. That's been an option for 20 years. Sure, only a few specialty products were available back then but now it's available with just about every video driver. I can do it on my laptops with AMD and Intel video and my desktop with Nvidia. If your monitor's stand doesn't allow rotating, get a VESA stand for $35.

Comment Re:Putting people in an autonomous car (Score 3, Insightful) 301

That's like saying I should be at fault if I'm a passenger on a bus and it crashes. Sure, if I interfered with the driver or slashed a tire before getting on, I'd be responsible. But, if I get on without sabotaging the bus and sit quietly in my seat without distracting the driver, how can I be at fault if there's an accident?

As far as the auto-driving car goes, I didn't write the software or design the hardware. If it passed federal and state guidelines, it's not my fault if it fails. If I've maintained the vehicle properly and installed all of the required software updates, that should be the extent of my responsibility and liability. Also, this is what insurance is for. My insurance pays the aggrieved parties, then goes after the manufacturer if a cost/benefit analysis says they should.

Comment Re:NIHFS? (Score 0) 121

When anything has a claim to fame of "trying to be better than $GOLD_STANDARD", I am skeptical. There must be very compelling reasons to not just stick with what is tried and true. ZFS is the cat's meow, "trying to be better than" when we're talking about something as critical as a filesystem... I'll wait and see, thanks.

Comment Re:Why California? (Score 2) 190

On the upside, the people put a government in place that curbs air and water pollution, and makes it difficult to fire someone because they're gay.

The legal climate is that of every area that has lots of money floating around: you can hire a cheap lawyer, an expensive lawyer, or anything in between. For what it's worth, I haven't seen anyone be sued for volunteering to work through lunch. Forcing someine to work through lunch without overtime compensation though will quickly get you a letter from a lawyer.

The environmentalism can be kooky - but then again, every area has its bunch of crazies. We just have all of them - crystal power people, anti-vaxxers, celeb-chasers, gun nuts, republicans, white supremacists, black panther, democrats, socialists, libertarians, slow-food people, fast-food people, techies, farmers, billionaires, hill-billies, etc. The upside: whatever your brand of crazy is, we have it.

It's a nice place to live, if you decide to actually live there. And find a place to live. Everything else is pretty copacetic there.

Comment What's old is new (Score 1) 409

To me, this whole thing seems silly. We had centralized computing "back in the day". The mainframe was The Cloud. The data was stored there, software lived there, we accessed it through dumb terminals that were basically a keyboard and monitor with really long cables. But that "ivory tower" setup was annoying for departments that wanted to have control over their computing resources. So each department got their own servers and smart terminals (computers). Now it's apparently too much work for departments (and entire companies) to maintain their computing resources so we're rolling it all back to the 70s. I guess in a couple decades, people will be complaining about how they're tired of The Cloud deciding what software they can use and there will be a push to bring computing power back to the departments and individual companies.

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