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Comment Bomb threats (Score 1) 540

Scientology is very big on making bomb threats. Mind you, they make the bomb threats in other people's names. They made bomb threats on behalf of Paulette Cooper (see Operation Freakout) where they got her finger prints on a piece of paper, added the threat then mailed it. It continues to this day, where they put up a YouTube video claiming to be from Anonymous and making bomb threats. (They really goofed on that one. They made a DVD on black PR on Anonymous. On the DVD, they had a copy of the fake video, but it was in higher resolution than the one upload to YouTube. Gee, where could they have gotten that hi-res copy?)

Comment Re:I don't think they care (Score 1) 744

Worse, I doubt anonymous cares about Fred Phelps. heh

There's a suspicion that the WeBoBaps created that "Anonymous" announcement themselves as part of their attention-whoring. If so, the inbred weasels are now getting heavy traffic to their site from places like Slashdot and Fark, and it seems to be down. Call it a Ground Level Streisand Foot-Cannon?

Comment Re:Best snag a copy of that now (Score 1) 426

It would quite a fight since the New Yorker has the toughest fact-checkers in the business. However, it's unlikely to happen. While Scientology makes legal threats, huffs, puffs and throws poo, they haven't actually sued a publisher in quite a few years, and there have been countless critical articles and books since then, especially in the last three years.

Comment Re:Groklaw (Score 1) 129

I have a pocket watch hanging beside my monitor to "present information to the user in a non-distracting way from the user's primary interaction." Once Allen has finished with the biggies, he'll eventually work his way down to me. I've been doing that since 1992 or so. Bring it!

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