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Comment Re: you really want to know what obamacare is? (Score 1) 382

The fraud, abuse and waste within the Medicare system is legendary, and expanding that coverage to all Americans would destroy our economy in no time.

It is true that there is some fraud. But there is a redress system. It is investigated and people routinely go to jail. In the private system, there is very little redress. It is much more difficult to detect and correct.

The reality is that every other country out there has found ways to deal with the fraud and abuse in the single-payer systems they host. And regardless, even given that, it is a far smaller number than the waste and mal-investment that comes from the overhead of the private insurance system.

Comment Re:you really want to know what obamacare is? (Score 1) 382

And given how badly the US federal government screwed this up (actually making fundamental problems like high health care costs worse) why should they be trusted with single payer or some similar scheme?

I am not saying they should, but it is more likely that what comes next is not a Signapore style open free market, but rather, single payer. Which the rest of the western world has in some form or another.

Comment Re:As I warned about previously (Score 3, Interesting) 548

I don't buy my books from the people who made my device. WiFi is turned off on my dedicated e-reader, so no, they cant remove any content that i have placed there. ( and my tablet, they have zero access to in the first place )

Furthermore, all of my books come without DRM, or are stripped when i get them. If i cant strip it or buy it without, then i don't want it and wont buy it. Copies also get backed up in case the reader should die or be stolen, as even the most honest of vendors might go out of business..

I do not trust any of the 'service providers', and plan accordingly.

Comment Re:As I warned about previously (Score 0) 548

So smarty guy, how is pulling an e-book any different then pulling a dead tree version off the shelf and burning it?

Sure, if you are using DRMized books they could yank it off your reader ( or come to your house for your dead tree version ), but that isn't inherent functionality in an e-book.

Comment Today "Porn" (Score 4, Interesting) 548

Tomorrow dissident materials, then anything that anyone doesn't like. And don't forget they know who bought these e-books, that might be grounds for a search warrant.

Now, it is their right as a business not to carry anything they don't personally approve of, but it is a bad path we are heading down.

Comment Re:you really want to know what obamacare is? (Score 2) 382

The problem is not the insurance companies or the libertarian mold or worldview.

The problem is that delivery of medical care is not an insurable event. Medical care does not follow the patterns of insurable events that can be insured, re-insured, and hedged against. For your card analogy, it would be as though your chips, and the dealer chips, just disappeared at midnight.

Insurance that is truly that - insurance against unlikely events - is very inexpensive. Consider that insuring your home against major losses, say to $500k, in areas not flood prone or tornado prone, costs perhaps around a thousand dollars a year. That is quite cheap. The cost to insure the same home in an area prone to floods is perhaps five times the base rate. Or more. And in some areas, it is not available at any cost.

And so that's that. Medical insurance is not really insurance. It's a combination of a payment plan, a pre-payment voucher for routine services, a cost sharing plan, a buying club, and a hedge against future events.

Comment Re:you really want to know what obamacare is? (Score 5, Interesting) 382

The truth is that the ACA/Obamacare is the LAST stop for insurance companies. If this doesn't want work, insurance companies are over.

Before the ACA, insurance companies had been in a 15 year selection spiral - shunt off unprofitable patients, fight for the good patients. Raise rates each rate cycle to cover the loss of income for the unprofitable patients. This is only a good plan until you hit the wall when too few people can afford the rates, then you have completed the spiral and you are out of business. There is some evidence that insurance companies were very close to this wall.

Regardless of whatever 20-30% of the House says, the next steps are more likely to be Medicare for all, which would immediately return 5% of the cost of care in insurance company overhead to care delivery, as well as approximately 18%-20% of the provider side cost of care delivery. This is billions and billions of dollars that are washed through layers of private and public sector mal-investment.

That's why insurance companies signed onto the ACA and have not fought it very strongly (like, as in as strong as the House).

Comment Re:Still faster / easier to apply than it used to (Score 2) 382

YMMV is hte order of the day.

One thing that is much better is that with the healthcare.gov site you don't just "apply" or get a quote, you actually buy the product right there, enrolling into the plan.

I did it, it was pretty easy. My state (Florida), I had about 130 plans to choose from, and the site did a nice job of showing them apples to apples. It really did let me act more like a consumer.

Also, I didnt qualify, but I have heard first hand from folks who qualify, that any subsidy is applied right there.

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