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Comment Re:Not just Perl (Score 1) 130

I certainly don't use Gnome or KDE (although both are fine DEs), but fd.o is very relevant to me.

fdo projects I find important/relevant (usage and maturity of specs vary):

cairo, dbus, xdg-utils, xdg-user-dirs, enchant, poppler, hal (and its replacements), shared-mime-info, harfbuzz, fontconfig, libxklavier, fribidi, liboil, DnD, ewmh, menu spec, icon theme spec, .desktop spec, icon naming spec, x direct save, xembed, the old systray spec, the new systray spec, recent file spec, thumbnail management spec, startup-notification-spec, cursor conventions spec, file URI spec, clipboard manager spec, trash specification, autostart spec, mpris, shared file metadata spec, sound theme spec

Comment Re:Not just Perl (Score 1) 130

1. You are wrong. The "fragmentation" has nothing to do with why Linux hasn't gone farther on the desktop

2. Even if the "fragmentation" was the sole cause of Linux not going farther on the desktop, I would not trade any of the choices we have for more market share. If people want to inflict Windows on themselves (although 7 is so bad), that is their problem.

3. "consistency and minimum standards" - someone has never heard of freedesktop.org

Comment Re:complete whats new and opinions (Score 1) 274

In this case speed dial is having the start page display thumbnail shortcuts of maybe 6-12 pages...that you use frequently? or maybe the last ones you had open? something like that. Chrome and Opera have this natively, and yes, FF has an extension for it (which I think might get uplifted in a version or two).

Personally, I don't see the point - I have bookmarks, collections of bookmarks (open all in folder) and normally I am just using session restore anyway.

Comment Re:complete whats new and opinions (Score 1) 274

I guess I see why you start-stop types like Opera and Chrome, but once I start X and a few terms, the next thing is SeaMonkey, and then it stays open, with just a minute or so down time to install the update every few days (since I use nightlies).

And I would argue that Firefox's start up is just un-optimized, not due to bloat - SeaMonkey seems to start about as fast FF, so I think is just Gecko, which definitely isn't bloated.

Comment Re:One word: adblock (Score 1) 422

I allow ads on sites I frequent... except Slashdot. Slashdot has some of the worst behaved ads I have seen on a respectable site (well, aside from those bizarre double underlined link ads/searches/definitions, but noscript gets them). Even now /. ads are blocked, just in case the "turn off ads" option goes away.

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