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Comment Apparent leap-second bugs (Score 1) 480

I had one RHEL 4 server (out of a half dozen identically configured systems) crash at exactly the moment the leap second should have been inserted. The logs run up to 18:59:59 CST (UTC-06:00) and the system froze, when all my other Linux systems logged they were inserting a leap second. I have read reports of some Debian systems having a similar problem. The leap second code is probably one of the least tested areas of the Linux kernel (there have only been 8 leap seconds since Linux was started); there is probably some race condition related to stepping the clock that only some systems hit.

I have also read reports of problems with Oracle RAC (not stand-alone Oracle) crashing at the leap second.

Comment Re:Dlink DNS-323 (Score 1) 517

I had a DNS-323 and never could get what I would consider good throughput with it (why bother with gigabit when it can barely fill 100 megabit). I ended up building a cheap PC out of spare parts and a few new things for not a lot more than the DNS-323, and it performs much better.

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