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Comment Re:The problem in the US... (Score 1) 298

Why do you seem to believe that intelligence, being measured by Stanford Binet, is a innate quality of an individual?. I'm not trolling, this is a genuine question.

Most of the time, the best (in the "bright" sense) coworkers I had where educated in really expensive schools and went to good Universities.

Take the Flynn effect for example. Are more intelligent people being born today than a few years ago? Or we're better schooling people?

Comment Re:Yeah i was thinking about that. (Score 4, Interesting) 620

I used to work in a neighborhood with a college (I don't remember if it was a college or a high school, right now) with a large number of blind people.

Street crossing had a different kind of texture in the walkway. The traffic lights would make noises like "cross", "stop". While it was possible to cross it made a distinctive tone, changing it's pitch as time goes.

It worked. Way better than blind people jaywalking and relying on car noises.

Submission + - Free form linguistic input in Mathematica 8 (stephenwolfram.com)

vbraga writes: With the release of Mathematica 8 it now allows, just like the Wolfram|Alpha engine, input in a free form English instead of the Mathematica syntax. The results are impressive. From the blog post:

With the release of Mathematica 8 today, the single most dramatic change is that you don’t have to communicate with Mathematica in the Mathematica language any more: you can just use free-form English instead.

Submission + - Is the Chinese political/economic model superior?

An anonymous reader writes: No one ever confirmed that democracy/capitalism was the best model for a society. In the west we are so in love with this combination that we sometimes don't do the scientific thing and question long-held beliefs about this. Increasingly some western governments are concerned that perhaps China has implemented a model that is superior to the West's (use whatever large-scale metrics you wish for "superior"). Certainly China is moving ahead in leaps and bounds using their model and are very successfully competing against other economies. Perhaps the state-directed capitalism approach works better than others when countries compete? Or will it all end in tears? Here's an article from the Sydney Morning Herald that looks at this issue.

Submission + - Oracle Responds to the Apache Software Foundation (infoq.com)

cloudcreator writes: Oracle has responded to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to resign from the JCP.
"[The] vote against SE7 is a call for continued delay and stagnation of the past several years. We would encourage Apache to reconsider their position and work together with Oracle and the community at large to collectively move Java forward."

Comment Re:Private Sector efficiency! (Score 1) 147

How long? NASA was created from NACA in July, 1958. The first manned suborbital flight (from NASA, since Vostok I did made a full orbital flight somewhat earlier) I remember is the Mercury-Redstone 3 in May, 1961. So, it took about three years. A full orbital flight - something Virgin will took many years to make if ever - was in February, 1962.

Comment Re:Oh God, more revisionist history? (Score 2, Informative) 384

Xerox received compensation for it.


The first successful commercial GUI product was the Apple Macintosh, which was heavily inspired by PARC's work; Xerox was allowed to buy pre-IPO stock from Apple in exchange for engineer visits and an understanding that Apple would create a GUI product.

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