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Comment Re:Everyone (Score 1) 394

back a few years ago I used to 'pirate' movies. Usually crappy cam jobs with someone who couldn't hold the camera still and people walking in front of the camera. Every week I would go to the theater and watch the movies that I enjoyed. I stopped after getting a 'warning' and my interest in movies has completely dropped off. I can't even remember the last movie that I went to see. If anything pirating these films increased the sales of the movie theaters/companies. I must admit pirating also helped me avoid some major lemons though (battlefield earth!). I also have a pretty decent DVD collection but haven't kept up in the last couple years as well.

As for the 'pirate party'... I'm sure I will see their name right beside the rhino party on the ballot...

Comment XP on 2yr old hardware outperforms Vista 2x (Score 1) 538

I have XP on my desktop and Vista on my laptop... Desktop is 2yrs old (amd64/2gb ram) and the laptop is a brand new toshiba (amdx2 64/ 3gb ram). I did a simple benchmark test running Fritz 10 benchmark (chess software that I use for position analysis). XP benchmark was 7.9 (compared to 1.0 on a p4 1ghz)... Vista was 3.4???!!!??? note that this benchmark doesn't include video etc... it benchmarks how fast the analysis runs. This shows that XP is over TWICE as fast on 2yr old slower hardware than a brand new Vista machine. After spending a whole day doing tweaks to get Vista to feel somewhat responsive, I was able to get my Fritz 10 benchmark to 3.9... Still pathetic. I certainly hope Win7 is far faster because Vista is a performance DOG for anyone running performance critical applications. This is the #1 reason why I tell people to stick with XP as long as possible.... Those who have to upgrade I recommend two different paths... if they are tech dummies, I suggest buying a Mac (something I have NEVER done before) or if they have a clue, I recommend using Linux. Ubuntu on the Vista laptop flies, yet Vista is just barely usable.

Comment Re:ARE YOU LISTENING, MICROSOFT? (Score 1) 538

I run a Chess Training program called 'Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders' by Convekta software. Its a pretty simple program of opening tactical problems. This program will NOT run under Vista no matter what I do... other Convekta training programs (ct-art) work fine after downloading convektas work around, but this one crashes every time.

Comment not interested if it doesnt have lan support (Score 1) 737

Like alot of people here, Starcraft was perhaps the best game to play at LAN parties. Sure Blizzard said they are going to improve servers, but can they improve my connection? LAN support is an absolute MUST have for games like this and removing it is a deal breaker for me. I bought SC1 and Broodwar, but there is no way I would buy a game that takes such a key feature out. There are alot of games out there for my limited gaming dollar... Blizzard just reduced that list by one.

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